Apple is Testing a Sleep Tracking Feature for the Apple Watch [Report]

Apple is Testing a Sleep Tracking Feature for the Apple Watch [Report]

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Apple is testing a new sleep tracking feature for the Apple Watch, according to Bloomberg. The feature could be added to the company's smartwatch by 2020.

The company has been using the sleep-tracking feature for several months with testers at secret sites around its Cupertino, California, headquarters, according to people familiar with the work. If the functionality is successful in the testing stages, the company plans to add it to the Apple Watch by 2020, according to one of the people.

In May 2017, Apple acquired Finnish startup Beddit which makes a sleep tracking strip that monitors your sleep. It's likely that the Apple Watch could provide similar features.

Beddit Sleep Monitor automatically tracks your sleep and works with the Beddit app on your iPhone to help measure, manage, and improve your sleep. The sensor strip is extremely thin, flat, and soft — at 2 millimeters thin, you won’t even notice it’s there. With automatic and accurate tracking, you get a full picture of your night by measuring sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity. And when you set daily bedtime and sleep time goals, Beddit motivates you to achieve them with tip notifications like morning results, bedtime reminders, and weekly reports.

It's believed that Apple will need to extend the battery life of its smartwatch in order to add sleep tracking as a feature. Currently, the Apple Watch can last for about a day without being recharged. Compare that to Fitbit's tracker which lasts as long as week.

More details in the full report linked below!

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Apple is Testing a Sleep Tracking Feature for the Apple Watch [Report]

jmckinzie - March 3, 2019 at 11:52pm
Apple needs to worry about my Richey Rich iWatch. Give me that camera in it. Hurry up!!!!
joshWUa. - February 26, 2019 at 11:39pm
So this would come to the current Apple Watch or we gotta wait till it comes out in another watch ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ