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Apple Plans to Add Augmented Reality Content to Apple TV+ [Report]

Apple Plans to Add Augmented Reality Content to Apple TV+ [Report]

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Apple is planning to add augmented reality content to its Apple TV+ streaming video service, reports Bloomberg.

In the new feature, elements of a TV show, like characters or objects, would be displayed on a viewer’s phone or tablet and integrated into the surrounding environment, according to people familiar with the project. For example, someone watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show “For All Mankind” might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their device’s display, seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table. The option would serve as bonus content akin to the director commentary or trailer that accompany a movie download and would be accessed from Apple’s TV app on the iPhone or iPad.

Apple will reportedly debut the new AR features next year, ahead of an Apple AR and VR headset purportedly scheduled for release in 2022. Sources say that the enhancements to Apple TV+ were scheduled for this year but have been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Bonus AR content is seen as a way to bring in new subscribers and retain current subscribers. Apple has also begun offering bundles of content which could keep users subscribed while it adds more movies and shows. For example, you can save 52% off the cost of CBS All Access and SHOWTIME if bundled with Apple TV+.

Bloomberg says the headset Apple is preparing to launch in 2022 will mix AR and VR with a focus on gaming, video consumption, and virtual meetings. In 2023, Apple will purportedly release AR-only glasses. Please download the iClarified app or follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and RSS for updates.

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Apple Plans to Add Augmented Reality Content to Apple TV+ [Report]