iPad With OLED Display Could Arrive in 2024 [Report]

iPad With OLED Display Could Arrive in 2024 [Report]

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Samsung, in collaboration with Ulvac, has developed a vertical deposition machine for use in production of its Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels, reports The Elec. The company is now waiting for an order for iPad display panels from Apple to begin spending on production facilities.

According to the site, Apple and Samsung collaborated on a project to develop a 10.86-inch OLED iPad last year but that was halted during Q3. Apple wanted panels with a two stack tandem structure with two emission layers rather than a single stack. This made the project financially unfeasible for Samsung as the cost of manufacturing was too high.

This time around, Samsung believes if it can secure a large enough order from Apple, it can start ordering equipment by Q3 2022 and receive it in 2023. This could result in an iPad featuring an OLED panel in 2024.

Notably, the company is also planning to use on-cell technology for the Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels to make the display thinner.

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iPad With OLED Display Could Arrive in 2024 [Report]