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Neurio Lets You Monitor How Much Power Your Home and Devices Use With an App [Video]

Neurio Lets You Monitor How Much Power Your Home and Devices Use With an App [Video]

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Neurio is a home intelligence product that lets users monitor how much power homes and individual devices are using with an app.

Neurio is a Wi-Fi power monitor and cloud-based platform that measures the home’s total power use and shows which appliance is using power – without having to install individual sensors at each appliance. Beta users have saved up to 44% off their energy bills by identifying what they should turn off or unplug.

Neurio Lets You Monitor How Much Power Your Home and Devices Use With an App [Video]

Energy Aware, the creator of Neurio, has already surpassed their funding goal on Kickstarter. The project currently has $129,833 pledged with 14 days left. It's goal was $95,000.

"What makes Neurio exciting is that it offers something for everyone," says Dr. Ali Kashani, VP Software for Energy Aware, "whether you're simply looking to learn more about the cost to run your appliances, or you want to make your home smarter and more connected, Neurio can help. It makes your ordinary appliances smart, and your home more efficient."

Neurio has an open platform so it can power new apps and integrate with other systems designed to automate the home. Out of the box, Neurio and its included app, Wattson, report useful data for saving money on electrical bills. It’ll tell you in real-time how much power you’re using, reveals insights into problems and usage patterns, and it is smart enough to notify you when you forget to turn something off! And if you have solar panels at home, Neurio can monitor and track your solar generation.

There are four parts to Neurio:
● Sensor: a WiFi-enabled power monitor installed in your breaker panel.
● Cloud: our cloud service to host and process the data, included free-of-charge for our Kickstarter backers.
● Wattson: our energy saving app for those wishing to cut down on their bill.
● Trigger (Optional): an open-source application for makers and hackers who want to take Neurio to the next level. Ignore this if you are not a coder! Provided for Raspberry Pi and Android.

More details can found be found on the Kickstarter project page linked below...

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