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Google is Now Encrypting Gmail Between Data Centers to Protect You From the NSA

Google is Now Encrypting Gmail Between Data Centers to Protect You From the NSA

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Google has announced that it is now using encryption between its data centers to protect your email from the NSA.

Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email. Gmail has supported HTTPS since the day it launched, and in 2010 we made HTTPS the default. Today's change means that no one can listen in on your messages as they go back and forth between you and Gmail’s servers—no matter if you're using public WiFi or logging in from your computer, phone or tablet.

In addition, every single email message you send or receive—100% of them—is encrypted while moving internally. This ensures that your messages are safe not only when they move between you and Gmail's servers, but also as they move between Google's data centers—something we made a top priority after last summer’s revelations.

Google has also announced that Gmail's availability was 99.978% last year. Meaning the average user saw just 2 hours of down time for the entire year.

Additionally, Google made some improvements to its Gmail app recently, updating it with background refresh and simplified sign-in.

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Google is Now Encrypting Gmail Between Data Centers to Protect You From the NSA

King Rollo - March 22, 2014 at 8:03pm
Why the f£&k would anyone trust gmail an aggressive corporate to secure their data when googles job is to aggregate data for money!! Take gmail for what it is, a mediocre simple email service...
K - March 22, 2014 at 8:25pm
The only thing I like about Gmail compared to iOS mail app is that the same emails duplicate are all in one, the way iOS does it is one by one all desperate and I have to delete mail one by one compared to Gmail where you select as many as I want and delete them in a second all at once.
Radu - March 22, 2014 at 2:22pm
I am doing some background check and FBI check with DHS and they r supposed to check me, so I did something online to see if they see/saw what I did... hahaha I'll see and keep u updated guys!!!
Radu - March 30, 2014 at 3:04am
still waiting
Pootpoot - March 21, 2014 at 1:54pm
It doesn't protect anyone if you give the NSA your key, Google! It's like, "oh yeah we put locks on all the doors, but we gave the robbers a copy of the key". Ah, the illusion of security. Helps us all sleep soundly at night, as long as we are naive enough to trust the biggest corporations in the world, as well as the government. There's no colluding going on, surely! That'd be as asinine as thinking Big Pharma or Big Tobacco had any pull with our impartial government. Immune to special interests and mutual incentives. What do you think this is, 1984? Orwellian society? Oh, wait... :/
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