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iPhone 6 Could Feature New Haptic Feedback Technology

iPhone 6 Could Feature New Haptic Feedback Technology

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Apple's iPhone 6 may feature a new haptic feedback technology, according to Chinese media sources.

The new tactile feedback linear motor is said to be more intelligent and capable of producing different subtle vibrations that can be made to correlate with app actions. In addition, the motor can emit different vibrations depending on the area of the screen that is being tapped.

The iPhone 5s motor cost around $0.60; however, the new motor is said to cost 2 or times as much.

It’s interesting to note that the fourth generation of haptic feedback technology called “Bulldog” has been demonstrated and announced on June 2013 in the UK. The fourth generation is capable of pressure sensitivity on flat surfaces, and can deliver three levels of feedback depending on how hard the user has pressed the area. However, the Chinese media hasn’t mentioned anything about Bulldog, so we’re unsure if the iPhone 6 will make use of the fourth-gen haptic feedback motors, or if it will develop its own technology.

Apple is reportedly set to release the iPhone 6 in September. It's believed the company will sell a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version of the device; however, it's unclear if both will launch at the same time.

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iPhone 6 Could Feature New Haptic Feedback Technology

gwyneth - July 13, 2014 at 6:36pm
Sheesh, finally Apple decides to utilize the haptic feedback that has been there all along! Not something new to the iPhone at all. So now it is just going to be a fine tuned version of the jailbroken iPhones? It is amazing how many great features actually already exists in any later models iPhones but that they have to be jailbroken to access them! I guess Apple is only playing it safe with the out of the box versions for two reasons. 1. Feature might still be unstable. (Good reason to withhold it from general public so it doesn't crash as easily as Android phones that do present the newest features out of the box.) 2. Second reason is simply that Apple will seem to have a "new" feature for the next generation iPhone by just enabling that and other hidden features without having to create truly new features. (Annoying but wise business decision.)
James Rolfe - July 12, 2014 at 4:34pm
Looks like samshit can't be ahead of them or try to be.