New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ads Attack MacBook Air [Video]

New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ads Attack MacBook Air [Video]

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Microsoft has aired three new Surface Pro 3 ads today targeting the MacBook Air. Microsoft has long attacked Apple's iPad in its Surface ads, so this is a shift from the company's usual tactics. The ads tout the Surface Pro 3's touch screen, detachable keyboard, and its ability to run just about any program. Each ad ends with the tagline "The tablet that can replace your laptop."

The first ad, Crowded, shows off the Surface Pro 3's touchscreen and ability to use a pen for handwriting and drawing. It also takes a shot at Apple's new Powerful iPhone 5s ads at the end of the ad when the MacBook Air user must carry around multiple devices.

Tablet or laptop? With the Surface Pro3, you get the best of both. The Surface Pro 3 has the power to run full Adobe Photoshop, Office and Windows. But unlike the Mac Book Air, it has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Don’t try that with the Mac.

The second ad, Head to Head features no commentary, but lists some of the features that the Surface Pro 3 has, that the MacBook Air does not (touchscreen, detachable keyboard, pen).

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. Just compare the Surface Pro 3 to a MacBook Air. Both have the same storage and processing power. But only the Surface Pro 3 has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Surface Pro 3. The tablet that can replace your laptop.

Finally, Power again emphasizes the ability for the Surface Pro 3 to run most apps with its i5 processor. It also shows off its USB, Mini display port and kickstand.

A tablet that can replace your laptop? Take the Surface Pro 3. It’s lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, yet it has the same intel Core i5 processor. And it also has a USB port, touchscreen and converts into a tablet.

For comparison, here's Apple's latest MacBook Air Ad.

What do you think of the new ads?

Bandito22 - August 13, 2014 at 11:53pm
They forgot to add: An OS that actually works brilliantly..... Macbook & iPad = Yes, Surface = No!
Apple Bastard - August 14, 2014 at 12:29am
Another brainless apple GayBoy in AssTown, are you sure you what an Os is. Explain to the world what mac os x stands for, windows is a window to the Business world. Mac is for when you eat mac and cheese and while you get ButtFuk.
Samsung bitcher - August 14, 2014 at 12:37am
More myth less believers of crapcity if black hole with its business rolling right in like every samsung bibitch is. Are you sure you know your shit like it has been truth told or are you still playing dunce as usual. Windows is the shattered glass deep in your rotten soul and do anything to keep it glued, in other words, heartbleed virus unless taken from the ass up, need to schedule anal evacuations, otherwise, joking Mac and healthy cheese even the mcdonalds burgers.
Ynona - August 12, 2014 at 10:03pm
Why would somebody who doesn't like a company or their product waste time on a website that covers information and updates in regards to that company, attack the legit users that enjoy that company and their products and generally disrupt the conversations taking place? To those users please go and GET A LIFE! We welcome diversity not idiocracy!
iPhone Dick - August 12, 2014 at 10:32pm
So I guess a ButtFuk is out of the question ynona.
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