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Analyst: iPad Sales to Drop Drastically in Q1 2015, iPad Pro Production to Be Delayed Until Q2 2015

Analyst: iPad Sales to Drop Drastically in Q1 2015, iPad Pro Production to Be Delayed Until Q2 2015

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KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that iPad sales will drop drastically in Q1 2015 and that production of the rumored iPad Pro won't start until Q2 2015.

"We forecast iPad shipments will fall 54.5% QoQ to 9.8mn units in 1Q15, given a lack of new applications, tablet market saturation and slow season."

"We believe that, in a major shift, while Apple (US) used to be able to use new form factor designs to boost demand, it has failed to do so this time around. The lighter and thinner iPad Air 2 will face strong headwinds in increasing sales in 1Q15, we believe; we also hold that this means that iPad, along with the entire tablet market, is faced with structural challenges characterized by a lack of new applications and market saturation. We don't think these challenges will be easily overcome by upgraded specs, new form factor designs or lower prices."

Kuo's estimate of 9.8 million units for 1Q15 is low considering Apple sold 16.35 million in 1Q14; however, iPad sales have been down for the past three quarters in a row.

In regards to the iPad Pro, Kuo believes the device will use an oxide panel to achieve a "high resolution, quick response, and high color saturation". He says production is being pushed back to provide time necessary for component yield and assembly.

Recent reports have the iPad Pro sporting a 12.2-inch display, a thickness of around 7mm, and speakers at the top and bottom, perhaps for stereo.

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Analyst: iPad Sales to Drop Drastically in Q1 2015, iPad Pro Production to Be Delayed Until Q2 2015

Analyst: iPad Sales to Drop Drastically in Q1 2015, iPad Pro Production to Be Delayed Until Q2 2015

IGay - November 13, 2014 at 4:01pm
ISheeps are clueless apple ass sucker. You know nothin about what's happening in the market other than worshipping apples sticky shit. After 4S (let's say after Steve jobs) apple was / is all about copy only. I5 - S4, i6 - S5, i6 - Note. Mini is copy of Samsung 7inch tab. Now coming up with 12inch Tab and that's another copy of 12inch galaxy tab. Here apple and you iSheeps are playing defensive shit. Mindless and clueless wannabe. lol. And the funny thing is that, from iPhone 4S till now there is no significant changes in apple hardware other than size and sizes were copied from other brands as mentioned above. There were some changes in iOS but now we all know what we see in iOS 8(ROFL), full of bugs. Software can't cop up with hardware and hardware can't cop up with software. Full of drama and shit. People lost money and time. Its bending left and right and looks really GAY ( and I am sure you know why) apple loosing big time and its really beginning of their END. Mark my word :)....
T Hui - November 13, 2014 at 8:12pm
Shut up, dumb ass. The design of Apple's phones and tablets are far superior to Samsung's. Their software is too. Apple uses aluminum and metal unlike the cheap plastic that Samsung uses for most of their devices. Apple's software's usability is also much better than Android's because of the simplicity of it. Did u here about Samsung's private meetings to blatantly copy Apple's design in their A series phones? That is exactly what they did. They have also copied some things on their Galaxy devices from Apple I devices. As for size, everybody will come out with similar size devices one way or another to compete. Not being the first ones to come out with something doesn't mean u are copying. It is about quality first. I'm not saying everything that Apple has come out is great, but just saying u want to make sure the quality of it is good before launching it. What is amazing about Apple devices are that they don't need to have the best specs and still perform the best in many of their devices. Finally, Apple will survive with all the cash they have. They won't be in trouble until they are running out of cash and that will never happen.
iBend - November 14, 2014 at 5:37pm
You forgot its great special feature of bending!!! Which is a plus...
sHoved - November 14, 2014 at 9:00pm
Forgot to include Galaxy source of malware is having coitus with maggots. A step up to curved displays to why it was invented.
Al Gorilla - November 13, 2014 at 1:18pm
Love the fact that iSheeps loves to buy iJunks! LMAO!
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