Google Unveils New OnHub Wi-Fi Router That Auto Avoids Interference [Video]

Google Unveils New OnHub Wi-Fi Router That Auto Avoids Interference [Video]

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Google has unveiled a new OnHub Wi-Fi router that automatically adjusts itself to avoid interference.

Today, with our partner TP-LINK, we’re launching OnHub, a different kind of router for a new way to Wi-Fi. Instead of headaches and spotty connections, OnHub gives you Wi-Fi that’s fast, secure, and easy to use.

Here's a look at the router's features...

Designed for the Home
Many of us keep our router on the floor and out of sight, where it doesn’t work as well. We replaced unruly cords and blinking lights with internal antennas and subtle, useful lighting, so you’ll be happy placing OnHub out in the open, where your router performs its best.

Starts Fast, Stays Fast
During setup, OnHub searches the airwaves and selects the best channel for the fastest connection. A unique antenna design and smart software keep working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference and keep your network at peak performance. You can even prioritize a device, so that your most important activity — like streaming your favorite show — gets the fastest speed.

A simple mobile app
OnHub makes it simple to set up and manage your Wi-Fi, all from the Google On app, available on Android or iOS. The Google On app tells you how much bandwidth your devices are using, lets you run a network check, and if there’s an issue with your Wi-Fi, the app offers suggestions to help. And, instead of lost passwords and sticky notes, it even reveals your password with a single tap and lets you text or email it to friends.

Just gets better
OnHub automatically updates with new features and the latest security upgrades, without interrupting your connection. In the future, OnHub can support smart devices that you bring into your home, whether they use Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave, or 802.15.4. We also plan to design new OnHub devices with other hardware partners in the future. Stay tuned for news from our second partner, ASUS, later this year.

You can pre-order OnHub from the link below for $199.99. It will be released on August 31st.

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Google Unveils New OnHub Wi-Fi Router That Auto Avoids Interference [Video]

Justabrake - August 19, 2015 at 9:37pm
Sounds great but it won't be able to get pass your optimum or TWC cable provider were they like to play games when your casting google chrome or on a cbs all access channel or even disconnecting you from your devices playing movies !
The iDevice Pro - August 19, 2015 at 12:12am
I think I'll stick with my NetGear with dd-wrt and manage my own network. No way Google is managing it for me!!!!
SimonSays - August 18, 2015 at 10:59pm
Lol. Last thing I want is for Google to be inside of my router mining my data. Thanks but no thanks google. Nice try though!
NoGoodNick - August 18, 2015 at 9:13pm
Since getting my 6+, I've wanted my devices to prioritize networks (not just use both, but to know which has priority). I've got an ac channel for the new iPhones and a separate n channel for the older devices. The ac has better range, but goes out frequently, meaning the phone run primarily on wireless n service.
Spawn - August 18, 2015 at 6:54pm
Any USB to connect an external hard drive?
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