iPad Pro to Feature A9X Processor, Minimum 64GB of Storage, Monster 12.9-inch Display, More

iPad Pro to Feature A9X Processor, Minimum 64GB of Storage, Monster 12.9-inch Display, More

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Apple will unveil its new iPad Pro on Wednesday, open pre-orders in October, and start shipping the device in November, reports 9to5Mac. Supply of the device will likely be constrained, despite a higher price tag.

The larger iPad will feature more storage space with the base model said to have 64GB of storage. It will also ship in gold, silver, and space gray color varieties with iOS 9.1 as the initial operating system. Pricing will be more in line with the companies MacBooks making the decision between a notebook and tablet that much more difficult.

The iPad Pro will be able to run two full sized iPad apps side by side.

Speaking of the larger screen, we have been told that the 12.9-inch display is a “monster.” To give it truly “Pro” capabilities, the iPad Pro’s landscape split-screen mode will be bolstered to allow two full-sized portrait iPad apps to be displayed. This is unlike the split-screen mode on the iPad Air 2 and upcoming iPad mini 4 that condenses portrait iPad apps to fit side-by-size in landscape mode. The iPad Pro will include an A9X chip, which we’ve heard will be a “large” leap over the Air 2’s A8X. It will also have four stereo speakers, but a single Lightning port on the bottom.

Finally, purchasing the new tablet will not get you a Force Touch stylus or a keyboard. Those accessories will need to be bought separately. Apple has apparently designed a version of its new keyboard that doubles as a case, similar to the many keyboard cases currently available for the iPad and iPad mini.

Apple's big media event at which the company will debut its new iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV is on Wednesday, September 9th. Please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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iPad Pro to Feature A9X Processor, Minimum 64GB of Storage, Monster 12.9-inch Display, More

TechnoGekk - September 8, 2015 at 5:40am
This is a waste as they will have the force touch on the next release. I'm a full time iOS and OS X user and this one will have to be ignored till the complete set up is available without having to spend more on keyboards and stylus. Seriously, who are they competing with, themselves? Windows has them beat before this even gets released.
Nat - September 8, 2015 at 11:11am
Windows isn't even succeeding against the iPad at any rate even though they tried to make a 2-in-1, but really I don't see a point in doing that. My comment below says it all and probably sums it up. I wouldn't mind an iPad and a MacBook the way it currently is.
odedo1 - September 8, 2015 at 2:16am
If that's true it's a big disappointment, when rumors about the iPad Pro started a few years ago, everybody was sure that finally Apple is going to compete with the Microsoft Surface with full OSX Operating System and now they are saying that it won't have force touch and will be as expensive as a real Mac then the Microsoft Surface is a much better deal because it's a real personal computer in a tablet that can do everything a home computer can no half ass operating system, I really hope that this article is wrong and Apple will follow Microsoft way with the Pro.
Nat - September 8, 2015 at 2:26am
Is it really that much trouble to just jailbreak the device to do that? What not to like other than not having OS X? It's not like it's even built like a computer in the first place. A true computer would be built like one and would even come with what you would expect, but to do everything? Imagine doing this to a phone. This is why some things just don't work great together. Why have a mouse when I have the keyboard built right into the touchscreen with the will to select anything at my fingertips even when saving all that trouble to place the cursor in the right position? It makes the keyboard and mouse useless, but Apple following Microsoft? I don't see that. They claimed "people tried to turn pc's into tablets and tablets into pc's. Who knows what they'll do next." Half ass operating system my ass.
PHUKAI - September 7, 2015 at 10:48pm
mukai huh, just judging again without seeing the final product, trying it, or even have any proof of it selling when it's not even released yet. Just same old jealous ignoranting gimmick.
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