WARNING: iOS 10 OTA Update is Reportedly Bricking Some Devices

WARNING: iOS 10 OTA Update is Reportedly Bricking Some Devices

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The iOS 10 over the air update is reportedly bricking some devices.

Multiple forum members on MacRumors have expressed dismay at what appears to be a botched software update.

bit_bucket: What the actual heck. iPhone just bricked itself as well. That makes 2 devices screwed up by the OTA update and I have to try and restore to the older version now. I do not jailbreak and I did not preinstall the update. Just installed for the first time now. Come on apple. Appears since I hit update right after it hit the servers, I somehow got a corrupt install.

Both iPhones and iPads are being affected by issue. Here's the message users are seeing...

There is a problem with the iPhone "iPhone" that requires it to be updated or restored.

The problem may be fixed by updating your iPhone, which preserves your settings and content. However, if updating doesn't work, it may be necessary to click Restore, which erases all settings and content. If you backed up this iPhone to this computer or iCloud, you'll be prompted to restore the backup onto the iPhone.

If you are having a problem with the OTA update then try an update in iTunes as this will save your settings and data. If the update doesn't work then a restore may be necessary.

As usual we recommend you do a backup before performing any software update. To be safe you may want to forego the OTA update and use iTunes to update to iOS 10 instead. You can find firmware links for iOS 10 below...

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[via MacRumors]

WARNING: iOS 10 OTA Update is Reportedly Bricking Some Devices

GaryJhonson - October 23, 2016 at 4:50pm
It wasn't bricking the device, but only messing up with the iOS. I remember the good old days, when jailbreak were used to brick devices. I hope the new iOS 10 jailbreak is not going to revive that old days.
KenS6Plus - September 16, 2016 at 1:42pm
I did update my 6plus to a 10 beta 6or 7 whatever was the last beta but I went back to 9.3.5 and I'm still their but their is no advantage for older devices to update to iOS 10 as a lot of the new features like raise to wake don't work on my iPhone 6Plus only 6s and 7.
ih85ch001 - September 14, 2016 at 7:26pm
This article is misleading. It is not bricking the devices, it is just causing it to have to be restored. Bricking is when it will not boot at all, even after a restore.
Everybody wonders - September 15, 2016 at 2:32pm
Sensationalism - try and make it look like the end of life on earth problem.
Sasha - September 14, 2016 at 1:02pm
My iPhone 6S plus did not get Bricked on the iTunes update although my moms S6 plus did not get Brecht on the OTA update I did update some hours after the servers went live
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