Plex Cloud Now Available to All Plex Pass Users [Video]

Plex Cloud Now Available to All Plex Pass Users [Video]

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Plex has announced that the Plex Cloud is now available to all Plex Pass users. Plex Cloud is a premium offering that puts the Plex Media Server in the cloud and uses your favorite cloud storage provider to store your files.

The amount of technology behind this launch is quite awesome. It’s definitely not a trivial thing to take the best media server on the planet and make it work seamlessly as a scalable cloud service, load-balanced and clustered across multiple geographic regions. It turns out a lot can go wrong. Sometimes the hamsters that powered our innovative cloud transcoder got tired, hopped off their wheels, and went looking for alfalfa. On more than one occasion, our elaborate system of smoke signals that we use to communicate between regions was taken out by solar flares and more exotic threats like a light drizzle. Suffice to say that the Cloud team has been iterating rapidly, pushing dozens of updates throughout the beta, radiation hardening our hamsters, issuing Plex-chevron-emblazoned ponchos to our official smoke signalers, and managing to add support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive (personal) as cloud storage options along the way.

A subscription to Plex Pass starts at $4.99/month with cheaper options available for yearly or lifetime subscriptions.

Take a look at the video below for more details...

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