Chinese Consumer Group Wants Answers From Apple on iPhone Slowdown by Friday

Chinese Consumer Group Wants Answers From Apple on iPhone Slowdown by Friday

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A Chinese Consumer Group wants Apple to provide information about the slowing down of older iPhones following iOS updates, demanding a reply before Friday, according to state news agency Xinhua via Reuters.

The Shanghai Consumer Council says it's responding to consumers complaining that their devices became slow after upgrading to iOS 10.2.1. The group received 2,615 complaints about Apple products in 2017 compared with 964 in 2015.

In a letter to Apple on Monday, the council requested an explanation for the slow-down and information about what Apple planned to do to rectify the problem, Xinhua reported.

Apple recently launched a $29 battery replacement program after admitting that it been secretly slowing down devices as their batteries aged. As expected, the program has put a strain on supply with battery replacements for the iPhone 6 Plus not available until March/April. The company is facing investigation from consumer groups and politicians in various countries and will have to defend against at least 45 class action lawsuits which have been filed over the past month.

If you need a replacement iPhone 6 Plus battery immediately, you can purchase one for $13.49; however, you'll need to perform the replacement yourself. We've also posted links to replacement batteries for each iPhone below for those who want the performance boost of a new battery but can't have Apple perform the replacement (ie jailbreakers or those not near an Apple Store).

iPhone Battery Replacements:
iPhone 4G Battery Replacement - $9.49
iPhone 4S Battery Replacement - $9.49
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement - $11.99
iPhone 5c Battery Replacement - $9.99
iPhone 5s Battery Replacement - $11.99
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement - $11.49
iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement - $13.49
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement - $12.49
iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement - $13.49
iPhone 7 Battery Replacement - $12.49
iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement - $19.49
iPhone SE Battery Replacement - $14.49
iPhone 8 Replacement Battery - $29.99
iPhone 8 Plus Replacement Battery - $29.99
iPhone X Replacement Battery - $54.49

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Chinese Consumer Group Wants Answers From Apple on iPhone Slowdown by Friday

Akhush - January 17, 2018 at 11:17am
I proved that the IOS upgrade to 10.3.x on iPhone 5 causes the battery to last no longer than 1 day. I simply downgraded from 10.3.3 to 10.2.1 and found that I now have at least 2 days of battery use, whereas previously on IOS 10.3.3 it was either drained or near that by the end of the day.
D4xM4Nx - January 17, 2018 at 7:47am
Good luck, Apple! You're gonna need it... they're hiding the fact that starting with the iPhone 6, something went wrong, maybe a design malfunction and the battery gate is been used as an excuse to avoid it. The brand damage they get will greatly depend on how they handle all this slowdown fiasco.
Ken - January 17, 2018 at 8:56am
They’ll be fine; Samsung overcame exploding phones after all.
Apple’s Deception - January 16, 2018 at 8:30pm
It’s just not the battery that slows the devices down but also their iOS that Apple keeps pushing out. Both are the culprit here.
iPhone User - January 16, 2018 at 5:39pm
i wanna answer from apple about iOS Software i love 4-inch iPhone but mine goes slow after upgrading Windows, Androids are not, Only iPhone goes slowing after Upgrading... WHY??? @tim cook u wanna attack peoples pocket money right? i have not enough to buy newer iphone. This is not for a Battery, Only System is killing an iPhone... Bullshit for what apple? you are losing users to Samsung or others. If apple still like this. i want let people betray from apple and you guys closed older firmware to force pushing users to newer iphone right? we're not JackAss Blah! Bye Apple
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