Apple Has Killed the GrayKey iPhone Passcode Cracking Device [Report]

Apple Has Killed the GrayKey iPhone Passcode Cracking Device [Report]

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Apple has finally managed to block the GrayKey device from cracking the passcode on your iPhone, reports Forbes.

Grayshift, a company run by an ex-Apple security engineer and U.S. intelligence agency contractors, created a device called GrayKey that was sold to law enforcement agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, and likely elsewhere. For at least half a year, the GrayKey device has been able to crack the passcode of any iPhone with relative ease, rendering the iPhone's security useless.

Apple's first step in combating the hack was to introduce USB Restricted Mode, this prevented USB accessories from connecting to your iPhone if it hadn't been unlocked in the last hour. Grayshift claimed to be able to defeat USB Restricted Mode shortly after it was announced.

Now, it appears Apple has taken further steps to prevent the passcode crack.

Multiple sources familiar with the GrayKey tech tell Forbes the device can no longer break the passcodes of any iPhone running iOS 12 or above. On those devices, GrayKey can only do what’s called a “partial extraction,” sources from the forensic community said. That means police using the tool can only draw out unencrypted files and some metadata, such as file sizes and folder structures.

Interestingly, no one appears to know how Apple blocked the hack. Vladimir Katalov, chief of forensic tech provider Elcomsoft, was also stumped. "No idea. It could be everything from better kernel protection to stronger configuration-profile installation restrictions,” he suggested to Forbes.

For now, it appears your privacy is once again intact. However, Police officer Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department in Minnesota thinks that it's just a matter of time until a another hack is found.

"Give it time and I am sure a ‘workaround’ will be developed ... and then the cycle will repeat. Someone is always building a better mousetrap, whether it’s Apple or someone trying to defeat device security."

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Apple Has Killed the GrayKey iPhone Passcode Cracking Device [Report]

PaladinLV - October 26, 2018 at 4:09am
Read much retard? I said on a case-by-case basis! Is that too difficult for that inert matter between your ears to comprehend? So now the question becomes are you naturally ignorant or do you need to practice?
Ace - October 26, 2018 at 6:51pm
Actually you did not say case-by-case basis. Your original post is right there as evidence. Take a pill.
PaladinLV - October 25, 2018 at 4:50am
Go GreyKey! This is a matter of Law & Order versus a LIBTARD CEO, who could for the sake of Law and National Security willing unlock a device on a "need" principle but whose arrogance and elitism does otherwise. Believe me if ti was his FAMILY at stake it would "cracked" in a heartbeat!
nocci - October 25, 2018 at 5:15am
Now that's the spirit of fighting against theft and robbery of someone's stolen product that brick sheeps can keep defending as a way to convince us that it involves the law. Yeah, but what if that followed up with actually having your iPhone in the wrong hands? We could be watched for all we know waiting to be the next victim of a fraud. The "arrogance" and "elitism" is rather a blessing if anything.
qba - October 25, 2018 at 4:48am
There is a better way around don’t be fool.