New Pixel 3a Ad Touts Google Maps Over Apple Maps [Video]

New Pixel 3a Ad Touts Google Maps Over Apple Maps [Video]

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Google has shared a new ad for the Pixel 3a that touts Google Maps over Apple Maps on the iPhone. Previous ads for the device highlighted the smartphone's superior low light photography.

With the $399 Pixel 3a you can finally stop following the blue dot. With AR in Maps you’ll know where you are and where to go.

Take a look at the ad below!

nocci - May 22, 2019 at 4:41pm
As much as companies desperately try to insult or shoehorn ANYTHING regarding Apple down to its fans as a sellout for an idea to try and 'advertise' an advantage over them (this is how Windows Phone died due to how absurd the ideas were such as colored phone, the clearer display which doesn't look different even from a viewing distance, etc.), maps in context here makes sense and they don't have low skill saying "this is better" or subliminal messages like "this idea is bad", though I never used AR and I can do without it soo.....