Craig Federighi Demos New iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard [Video]

Craig Federighi Demos New iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard [Video]

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Check out this video of Apple SVP Craig Federighi demoing the new iPad Pro and the new Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

iPadOS 13.4 will introduce full mouse pointer support for the first time. The pointer is a little circular dot that can morph into the touch target shape of the UI element it's on top of. Once you stop moving the pointer, it disappears until you need it again.

The Verge notes that bringing the pointer to the bottom of your iPad screen will bring up the dock. Clicking on the status icons at the top right corner will launch Control Center. Moving the cursor to the right of the screen will bring out Slide Over. Swiping up on the trackpad with three fingers returns Home and swiping up and holding with three fingers will open the multitasking viewer. Swiping left and right with three fingers switches between open apps.

One interesting thing you can’t do is just have a bunch of traditional windows like you’re used to having on a desktop or even a Windows tablet. Apple is sticking to its guns on its attempt to rethink how we move and rearrange windows on the iPad screen, with stuff like split screen and Slide Over. For better or worse (and I think for the better), the new trackpad features don’t turn the iPad into a Mac.

Take a look at the video below!

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