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Macs Cost Less to Manage Than PCs

Macs Cost Less to Manage Than PCs

Posted March 9, 2010 at 10:36am by iClarified · 6379 views
In response to a survey conducted by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, 260 IT administrators from large organizations with both Macs and PCs responded that Macs are less expensive than PCs to manage. In some categories such as troubleshooting, user training and help desk calls, three times as many administrators said that Macs cost less to manage.

29% of the respondents cited lower total cost of ownership as one of the key reasons their organization buys Macs. Overall 45% cited lower total cost of ownership, ease of technical support, or both, as a significant factor in their Mac purchases.

The full survey inquired about buying plans, IT management and administration issues, and the cost of managing the systems. Related to the cost of managing Macs, the survey asked the respondents to estimate the relative cost of a number of factors including: software license fees, time troubleshooting, user training, help desk calls, system configuration, and supporting infrastructure (servers, network, and printers).

"Administrators in organizations that have both Mac and PC platforms have the experience to determine whether managing Macs is less expensive," said T. Reid Lewis, CEO of Group Logic, and president of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. "The members of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance provide products and services that make deployment and management of Macs easier to do."

The respondents were given the option to select from a range of cost differences. Not only did the administrators predominantly say that Macs were less expensive, in all but one category the majority of administrators who said Macs cost less said they were more than 20% less expensive to manage than PCs. Of those who asserted that PCs cost less, the majority always asserted that PCs were between 0 and 20% less expensive to manage than Macs.

The respondents noted the following:
* Software license fees - 23%-PCs Cost Less, 47%-Cost the same, 31%-Macs Cost Less
* Time troubleshooting - 16%-PCs Cost Less, 19%-Cost the same, 65%-Macs Cost Less
* User training - 16%-PCs Cost Less, 36%-Cost the same, 48%-Macs Cost Less
* Help desk calls - 16%-PCs Cost Less, 29%-Cost the same, 54%-Macs Cost Less
* System configuration - 25%-PCs Cost Less, 24%-Cost the same, 50%-Macs Cost Less
* Supporting infrastructure - 25%-PCs Cost Less, 38%-Cost the same, 37%-Macs Cost Less (servers, network, printers)

About the Survey:
Conducted from December 15, 2009 until January 15, 2010, over 520 individuals from around the world responded to the online survey. This survey sought the perspective of enterprises and large-scale installations such as universities and government agencies. We excluded from the results all but the respondents from organizations with both Macs and PCs whose sites had 50 or more servers or over 100 Macs. Relative to management cost questions, in our reporting we excluded the responses of those who selected "Don't know" or "Not involved in cost calculations," which left 260 respondents for this section of the survey. See press release: "Enterprise Desktop Alliance Survey Reveals 66% of Enterprises Expect to Increase Mac Systems" (EDA Survey (PDF)).

Macs Cost Less to Manage Than PCs
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HO - March 9, 2010 at 4:50pm
*Software fees...Mac os is nowhere cheaper than win, so this cant be in particular when u need to buy the new version per year acording with new catOS. *Time troubleshooting...well, as per Mapple policy and vision, every Mac is design in a way to not confuse the users (plain english, Mac users are stupid incapable ppl who cant learn how to use a pc), besides they're useful for 2 or 3 things anyway, not even games can't play. *User again what's Mapple policy and vision... *Help desk calls...well, this is simple, cause Macs either burn the user and itself so no calls can be made (not even for help), or simply they die and had to be replaced entirelly (27" monitor...errr, Macs anyone?)... *System configuration...what options do u have for hardware but the stuff sold "only for mac"...yup, never the less there will be the troll who would endup buying Win stuff cause they can't read... *Supporting up... Wonder if the majority of Network admins or IT admins used for this survey do know how to properly configure Win machines, I remember locking a couple friends from anything but ie (configure to google only) for a prank when I learned the basics of networking....
Tom - March 9, 2010 at 5:22pm
I'm going to get straight to the point. YOU'RE CLEARLY A DICK! Statements like - 'Mac users are stupid incapable ppl who cant learn how to use a pc' just proves that.
HO - March 9, 2010 at 10:58pm
Sorry if that gets u so mad, it came from one of the highups at Apple sometime ago, they like to use fancy words but if u can't understand that, well, I'm sorry for ur lack of common sense then. Don't get mad at me cause I said it on plain english, at least I'm going to the point, but if u love to be treated in such way, well, then ur a dick (no brains).
PC Related
PC Related - March 12, 2010 at 5:39pm
Wow HO. You need help with your Engrish. I could barely get through the first 3 sentences before coming to the realization I was wasting my time on someone making unjustifiable claims and whose logic is completely flawed. Not sure if your actually living in 2010, but please do yourself a favor and actually research Enterprise level analysis vs. "locking people out of IE" as the basis of your expertise in tech. infrastructure. Fairly sure your "gaming" statement totally discredited you to anyone reading it especially knowing this was a TCO/ROI survey.... I mean seriously? At least you made me laugh so thank you.
Jay - March 9, 2010 at 11:18am
I know for a fact that OS X Disk Utilities only takes about 20 Minutes to copy a 20GB Image where as products for PC's can take 1-5 hours for a 20GB Image
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