Apple Could Sell 21 Million iWatch Units in First Year

Apple Could Sell 21 Million iWatch Units in First Year

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With a projected selling price of $300, analyst Steven Milunovich believes that Apple could sell 21 million iWatch units in the first year alone. Milunovich believes that ramp up in sales could look similar to the successful iPad, with 36 million units following the next year. He is also confident Apple will be launching a wearable product sometime before 2015.

"We are more confident that Apple will be introducing the iWatch before the holiday season following WWDC's introduction of HealthKit, recent healthcare hirings, the acquisition of LuxVue Technology, and positive comments from Eddy Cue at the Re/Code Conference," he wrote.

"We expect iWatch sales to roughly track iPad unit sales — similar penetration rates would mean higher sales," he said. "iWatch might do better because the customer base is larger than when iPad launched and the ASP might be less. On the other hand, iWatch is the first product to be worn, which might not appeal to all users."

Apple's iWatch would be the company's first new major product launch since the iPad, and it would be the first product category launched under CEO Tim Cook. Apple is rumored to hold an event sometime in October to announce the product.

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Apple Could Sell 21 Million iWatch Units in First Year

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iProService - June 9, 2014 at 7:20pm
Why do people get so angry about these things. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you already wear a Rolex, congratulations but don't get mad at kids who want a swatch watch. It's like a Mercedes owner talking shit to the lil kid who just bought his first VW. Oh wait, those people don't waste their time talking shit, only samsung fans like you do. Regarding the watch, it will be a nice addition to the Apple line of products and should compliment their lifestyle accordingly. For the investor, it should sell well and boost Apple stock.
iWatch teacher - June 9, 2014 at 7:41pm
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