Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

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OpenSignal has released a new report that examines Android fragmentation and provides some useful graphics for visualizing the situation.

Apple has long touted that its developers don't need to deal with the plethora of devices, resolutions, and operating systems that plague Android developers.

The OpenSignal report found that compared to last year, Android fragmentation has risen by around 60%, with 11,868 devices seen last year compared to 18,796 this year. Since 2012, fragmentation has more than quadrupled. Back then there were 'only' 3,997 distinct Android devices.

Device Fragmentation:
Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

Looking at brands, Samsung is clearly the dominant Android brand with 43% of the market. Sony comes in second with just 4.8%.

Brand Fragmentation:
Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

As shown in the chart below, the Android operating system is the most fragmented it has ever been. While 91% of iOS users are on the latest operating system, just 20.9% of Android users are on Kit Kat.

OS Fragmentation:
Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

Finally, Android developers must also contend with screen size fragmentation. OpenSignal says, "no other smartphone platform boasts such a proliferation of different screen sizes." This is contrasted with Apple devices which, across the dozen or so, have just 4 different physical screen sizes.

Screen Size Fragmentation:
Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

For more details you can download the full report from the link below.

Read More [via SAI]

iOS Screen Sizes:
Visualizing Android Fragmentation [Report]

Broom - August 25, 2014 at 3:23am
Haha bunch of isheeps gloating over Androids fragmentations. As if fragmentation makes Android shit...more companies uses Android as their OS so naturally their would be a lot of fragmentation. If this is the only thing you isheeps have to make you feel better about Apple raping you butt every year with the same bullshit then go ahead a use it. Ha ha
Groom - August 25, 2014 at 3:31am
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Russell - August 25, 2014 at 8:47pm
Why should ANY cell phone user be concerned with the brand another cell phone user has? It's childish.

I don't care what other brands are or are not doing as long as my phone, Moto X, is performing as expected and gets OS updates as needed.

If a second tier brand doesn't do as good job supporting their devices it doesn't have any bearing on mine.
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