Walk-through Explanation of the Apple Watch Manufacturing Videos

Walk-through Explanation of the Apple Watch Manufacturing Videos

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Greg Koenig, co-founder of Luma Lab, has posted a step by step walk-through explanation of the manufacturing processes used to create the Apple Watch. These processes were highlighted in three videos from Apple, one for each line of smartwatches.

The post gives us an interesting look at what's going on behind the scenes. For example, Apple recently patented a Metal Matrix Composite process to produce 18kt standard compliance gold with a significant weight reduction and durability increase. However, Koenig is able to determine that in this case Apple is not using that process.

For the Watch Edition however, Apple appears to have eschewed any revolutionary alchemy and instead, applied an innovative work hardening process to create gold that is (claimed to be) significantly harder than the typical 18kt used by other watchmakers.

He continues to detail what's going on in each scene presented in Apple's videos. Koenig concludes that Apple has execute a level far beyond what was necessary or will even be noticed.

"Apple could very easily have forgone forging to create stainless steel cases, just like everyone else. Hardening gold alloy with cold working could have been eliminated, putting them on par with the rest of the industry. Nobody will see or feel the inside pocket for the microphone on the Sport, yet it has been laser finished to perfection. I see these videos and I see a process that could only have been created by a team looking to execute on a level far beyond what was necessary or what will be noticed. This isn't a supply chain, it is a ritual Apple is performing to bring themselves up to the standards necessary to compete against companies with centuries of experience."

Hit the link below to read the full walkthrough and click here to watch the videos if you haven't already.

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Walk-through Explanation of the Apple Watch Manufacturing Videos

SWISS MADE - March 16, 2015 at 11:46am
Still Junk Chinese Made Watch
ddiiiirrrppp - March 16, 2015 at 2:12am
Lolol.... I just laugh at how apple keeps making full of themselves and now against swiss luxury watchmakers/even older who have been making watches for centuries until this day. Of course they have also been experimenting different methods of making them, hence they last a lifetime and its worth doesnt decrease but rather increase as time goes by. Also not made in china.
James Rolfe - March 16, 2015 at 10:59am
Lawlawlawl I like how gullible you act at how desperate you are of apples work and be this nit picky about quality gadgets that are beyond Swiss watches. People make those old school watches so people can find old school like 80s games for example.
James Rolf Jr - March 16, 2015 at 12:11pm
Daddy please come home. Please let me out of the basement....I want to see the sun too. Why do you feel the need to leave me and go to iclarified just to voice your opinion when nobody cares for it. Please Dad please come home.