Apple Campus 2 Could Be Named After Steve Jobs

Apple Campus 2 Could Be Named After Steve Jobs

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Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed to Fortune that the company has yet to officially name 'Apple Campus 2' but he thinks the name will likely pay homage to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Cook visits the work site periodically — including twice already with Apple’s board — and he exhibits an engineer’s glee at watching the 22 construction cranes that dot the landscape. He says Apple hasn’t decided yet exactly what it will call “Apple Campus 2,” the current internal designation. Some naming element of the buildings or the entire locale will almost certainly include an homage to Jobs, depending on his family’s wishes, says Cook.

Cook also reveals that the campus, which he calls "the mother of all products" with feature cutting edge technology for even the most mundane tasks. For example, a system of sensors and apps will direct traffic as they enter the parking facility, eliminating fuel wasted in the hunt for a parking spot.

When asked why the structure isn't taller than four stories, the height of its existing campus, he says, "When we mocked up five we didn’t like the looks of it."

Cook is also very happy about the new underground 1,000 seat auditorium that will be used for most of the company public presentations. "No more scheduling months ahead of time around other people’s schedules," says Cook said enthusiastically.

As expected, there is great debate about which employee groups at Apple will get to move into the new building. "We’ve decided three times," says Cook. "And we’ll probably decide it three times more."

Click here to check out some of the latest footage from the construction site.

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Apple Campus 2 Could Be Named After Steve Jobs