Google Open Sources Its 'TensorFlow' Machine Learning System [Video]

Google Open Sources Its 'TensorFlow' Machine Learning System [Video]

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Google has announced that it's built a new open source machine learning system called 'TensorFlow'.

TensorFlow is faster, smarter, and more flexible than our old system, so it can be adapted much more easily to new products and research. It’s a highly scalable machine learning system—it can run on a single smartphone or across thousands of computers in datacenters. We use TensorFlow for everything from speech recognition in the Google app, to Smart Reply in Inbox, to search in Google Photos. It allows us to build and train neural nets up to five times faster than our first-generation system, so we can use it to improve our products much more quickly.

Google believes that TensorFlow will make an even bigger impact outside the company and so it's open-sourcing it.

"We hope this will let the machine learning community—everyone from academic researchers, to engineers, to hobbyists—exchange ideas much more quickly, through working code rather than just research papers. And that, in turn, will accelerate research on machine learning, in the end making technology work better for everyone."

Take a look at the video below for more details...

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ramanp31 - April 20, 2016 at 6:56am
Thanks for sharing! I would not be surprised if this technology revealed could swiftly make research, and learning from machines faster and easier. Though applicability is very high, the open source model must make wonders possible for user specified areas from low risk. Again thanks for bringing this up! A great news.