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Apple is Hiring a Software Engineer to Build Apple Watch Clock Faces and Complications

Apple is Hiring a Software Engineer to Build Apple Watch Clock Faces and Complications

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Apple is hiring a Software Engineer to work specifically on Apple Watch clock faces and complications, suggesting that we could see even more options in the future.

Join the team that is revolutionizing the watch! As a software engineer on the Apple Watch team, you will be responsible for building the Clock Faces and Complications. You’ll work closely with the UI design, iOS Frameworks, and QA teams to develop interactions of superior quality that will ship to millions of users.

Job Description
As a member of the team you will have many responsibilities relating to the design, development, and testing of the device software. These include:
· Collaborating closely with the design team to push the envelope on human-computer interactions.
· Creating solutions tailored to the constraints of the software and the hardware of a small, low power device.
· Working closely with the iOS Apps, iOS Frameworks and Hardware teams to create robust and maintainable systems that will stand the test of time.
· Coordinating with the quality assurance teams to ensure full test coverage as well as to initiate focused testing on critical components.

Key Qualifications
● The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of software development experience.
● Excellent Cocoa and Objective-C coding ability
● Experience with C/C++
● Proven record of completing projects on-time and to specification
● Experience optimizing applications and profiling throughout the stack
● Experience with at least one application framework
● Excellent communication and organizational skills
● Fantastic attention to detail

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Read More [via AppleInsider]

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