FileMaker 15 Released With Improvements in Mobility, Automation, Ease of Use, Security and Performance.

FileMaker 15 Released With Improvements in Mobility, Automation, Ease of Use, Security and Performance.

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Apple subsidiary FileMaker has announced the release of FileMaker 15 which brings improvements in mobility, automation/integration, ease of use, security and performance.

The FileMaker Platform provides all of the essentials for creating a custom app that fits an organization’s unique business needs and is flexible, easily integrated, and works across iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and the web.

New features of the FileMaker 15 Platform include:
● Mobility: Touch ID support enables developers to securely access their custom apps with the touch of a finger. 3D Touch support enables quick access to specific apps. New app extensions offer content customization and cloud-based file sharing. iBeacon support offers location-based data from the custom app and FileMaker WebDirect enables customers to use a mobile phone to access FileMaker apps in a web browser.

● Automation & Integration: Timesaving tools include in-product updates and the ability to instantly recover scripting work with multiple undo. Red highlighted text helps easily identify problem areas in the Script Workspace. The ESS Adapter connects to even more External SQL Data Sources including PostgresSQL and IBM DB2.

● Ease of use: Start managing contacts, inventory, content management and tasks right away with the new basic Starter Solutions. The new web-based Help menu provides faster results when searching for needed FileMaker information and is downloadable as a PDF. The newly designed status toolbar in FileMaker Pro keeps custom apps looking fresh.

● Security: A new concealed edit box hides sensitive information users don’t want displayed on their screen. Proactive security warnings include notifications that appear when a user tries to connect to a host or website with an invalid security certificate. FileMaker Server now supports SSL certificates from nine popular vendors and supports intermediate, subjectAltName (SAN), and wildcard certificates.

● Performance: The top call statistics-logging feature quickly diagnoses any slowdowns within the FileMaker Platform. The portal in-line progress bar indicates when data filtering and sorting is complete. This process now takes place separately from other operations so developers can continue to use their apps at the same time.

● New Licensing for Teams: FileMaker introduces a new, simpler way for teams of five or more people to license FileMaker software. Each user can access FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect — all hosted on FileMaker Server to securely share information in real time.

Ann Monroe, vice president of marketing, FileMaker, Inc., said: “This new release represents our ongoing effort to simplify the development and deployment of custom apps that work seamlessly across mobile devices, PCs and the web.”

FileMaker 15 Pro costs US$329.00 for individuals and US$197.00 as an upgrade. FileMaker 15 Advanced is US$549.00 and US$329.00 as an upgrade.

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FileMaker 15 Released With Improvements in Mobility, Automation, Ease of Use, Security and Performance.