iPhone 7 to Feature 4K Video Recording at 60 FPS?

iPhone 7 to Feature 4K Video Recording at 60 FPS?

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An alleged iPhone 7 hands-on report from Tinhte reveals that the next generation smartphone will feature 4K 60 fps video recording and other improvements. The site has been the source of accurate leaks in the past.

In addition to confirming many of the features we've already seen leaked, the report corroborates a prediction that Apple has revamped the flash with 4 LEDs.

Flash lights are redesigned. Like having to look at the 4 LEDs on the inside. I'm not sure if the iPhone 4 LED 7 real or just by ridges of the outer protective glass effect created 4 reflectors.

The volume keys apparently aren't recessed like on the iPhone 6s.

Two volume keys are located directly on the chassis rather than in a concave frame of the iPhone 6s.

The SIM Card purportedly has a waterproof rubber seal.

Machine only one SIM slot. SIM tray with water proof rubber seal.

The Home button is said to be touch sensitive as rumored.

Home key remains in the same position, still looks and size just like the iPhone's Home button but ITS NOT CLICK TO 6s because now it is the human touch Home key. If you just look, you could not distinguish what is the iPhone's Home button 7, Where is the 6s. But when the press try, you will notice immediately.

The new and improved camera reportedly supports impressive 4K video recording at 60 fps.

Camera with 4K @ 60fps shooting, this very surprising because the current iPhone 6s turn only to 4K @ 30fps and currently do not have any phones yet to be turned 4K 60 frames / sec. It is more likely to see the iPhone version of 256 GB of internal memory.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7th. Make sure to follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for more exciting updates.

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iPhone 7 to Feature 4K Video Recording at 60 FPS?
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(>~>) - September 7, 2016 at 3:38am
4K 60 FPS ?! Better get the 256GB model, that's gonna be some crispy video! If only it still had the headphone jack :( at the same time though, I rarely watch 4K content considering my rMBP has only a 2k screen and when I do watch 4K content on my TV it's always a TV Show, never home video. So this feature won't be super useful for at least a few more years.
Pyrocynical - September 6, 2016 at 3:50pm
What about the the slow-mo frame?
Great! - September 6, 2016 at 4:04pm
The 6s already holds that crown so you can be pretty sure that the new iPhone 7 will be good as well
Kk - September 6, 2016 at 8:38am
4k 60fps.. Hot damn!
Shit - September 6, 2016 at 8:34am
Who wrote this?
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