1Password 7.3 for Mac Brings Improvements to 1Password Mini

1Password 7.3 for Mac Brings Improvements to 1Password Mini

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1Password for macOS has been updated with significant improvements to 1Password mini.

Welcome to 1Password 7.0, the greatest password manager ever created. 1Password remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps them safe and secure behind the one password that only you know. Sign up for a 1Password membership and try it free for 30 days.

What's New In This Version:
Strap in, friends, today’s update is a big one. For the last several months our design and development team has been diligently laboring over every last detail of 1Password mini. Today we are so excited to show off this brand new way to use 1Password within your browser and apps.

## Intelligently simplified
When we began working on 1Password mini, there were three things we knew it needed to do really well:

• Show items that match the frontmost app or website.
• Fill your passwords, credit cards, and address information into a web page.
• Generate new passwords quickly and easily.

Each of these tasks was boiled down to its simplest form and then built back up to only include what was absolutely required to quickly, clearly, and efficiently pull it off. A big piece of what makes 1Password mini successful when it comes to filling your information is our "filling brain". Powered by machine learning, 1Password analyzes the web page and suggests the items you're most likely to need on that page - all without your information leaving your computer. What this means is that when you're on a shopping cart page buying that brand new bespoke artisanal handmade coffee cup cozy, 1Password mini will have your credit card ready and waiting for you.

1Password 7.3 for Mac Brings Improvements to 1Password Mini

## Drag, drop, and roll
In 1Password 7, we gave 1Password mini the ability to recognize certain apps on your system. Whether you are logging into your Adobe account within Photoshop, signing into Discord, or accessing Evernote 1Password will recognize when you're using these apps and offer up their related login information. The number of apps supported by 1Password has grown and with this update we've made it even easier to get your secure information into them. Simply bring up 1Password when faced with a login page in one of your apps to drag and drop your username and password. Once you start dragging 1Password mini smoothly fades out of the way and comes right back after you drop. It is one of the fastest, most secure, and fun ways to get your passwords where you need them.

## Search and ye shall find
While 1Password mini probably sees the most use in your browser, it is also the fastest way to get to any of your items. At any point while using 1Password mini, you can simply start typing a search term and 1Password will scan your item titles, usernames, website addresses, and tags to find exactly what you're looking for. On the phone paying a bill? Just type in the name of your credit card and it will show up. Filling out a customs form at the end of an international flight? Search for your passport to jump right to it. How about when you need your child's social security number when you're on the phone with their doctor? 1Password is great for storing all types of information, and with 1Password mini it's all just a few keystrokes away.

1Password 7.3 for Mac Brings Improvements to 1Password Mini

## Mountains more
1Password 7.3 contains over 150(!) improvements and bug fixes. If you'd like to read through the full list just head over to app-updates.agilebits.com. In the meantime, if you need us, you can find us at @1Password on Twitter, at facebook.com/1Password, or support.1password.com; we love hearing from you!

You can download 1Password 7 from the App Store for free.

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1Password 7.3 for Mac Brings Improvements to 1Password Mini