Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview Browser 108 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview Browser 108 [Download]

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Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 108, an update to its experimental browser for macOS.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS with Safari Technology Preview and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Here's a list of all the changes. You can download the Safari Technology Preview browser from here.

Release 108
Web Inspector
● Network
○ Fixed updating statistics when filtering
○ Fixed gaps around the "An error occurred trying to load this resource" message

● Storage
○ Prevented requesting the list of IndexedDB database names multiple times for the same security origin

○ Added support for the id (name) of the animation if it exists
○ Fixed populating text editors in the Keyframes section when the Animation panel sidebar in the details sidebar is first shown

● Miscellaneous
○ Fixed ⌘G to not override the current query of the find banner if it's visible

● Fixed SVG text node's with content getting described as "empty group" even if it's not empty

Fixed ignoring images with an empty alt attribute

● Fixed to require being connected in order to navigate
● Fixed the pageshow event only firing the first time the back button is pressed
● Fixed Array.prototype.splice not setting the length of the returned object if not an Array
● Fixed incorrect location.origin in blob workers
● Implemented ParentNode.prototype.replaceChildren

● Changed the calculation to compute the hypothetical cross size of each item in flexbox to use fit-content, not max-content
● Changed to allow indefinite size flex items to be definite with respect to resolving percentages inside them
● Fixed dynamically setting position: absolute in a grid item to trigger a relayout of that element
● Fixed tables as flex items to obey the flex container sizing
● Fixed styling ::selection for a flex container
● Prevented grid-template-rows from serializing adjacent
● Prevented putting out-of-flow boxes in anonymous flex items or grid items

● Fixed BigInt operations to handle exceptions correctly

● Fixed scrolling on a article
● Fixed stuttery overflow scrolling in slow-scrolling regions
● Fixed rendering artifacts when scrolling overlays

● Fixed incorrect clipping of absolute and fixed elements inside stacking-context composited overflow: hidden

Async Clipboard API
● Added support for reading "image/png" on ClipboardItem
● Fixed DataTransfer.prototype.files containing multiple files when pasting a single image with multiple representations

Web Animations
● Avoided starting CSS Transitions for a property when a CSS Animations or JavaScript-originated animation is running for the same property
● Fixed SVG animations to not stop when other animators are still running

● Fixed Picture-in-Picture API issues under stress tests
● Fixed scrubbing video on ( r262169)
● Fixed fullscreen animation missing a few frames at beginning
● Fixed transition between encrypted and clear codecs throwing an error
● Fixed video freezing when attaching a local MediaStream to multiple elements
● Made setting fullscreen mode more robust under stress tests

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview Browser 108 [Download]