Facebook Said to be Preparing Major Updates to Its iOS Apps

Facebook Said to be Preparing Major Updates to Its iOS Apps

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Facebook is reportedly preparing major updates to its iOS apps that will bring Graph Search and a redesigned Messenger application, reports 9to5Mac.

Graph Search aims to help users find people, photos, places, and interests using data from their social network. It was unveiled in January and more information about it can be found here. Graph Search will reportedly be incorporated into the app's main search bar.

Additionally, Facebook is said to be working on a redesign of the Facebook Messenger app. Apparently, two designs are being tested.

The first version is said to look largely similar to the Messages application bundled into iOS. That version includes green interface elements. The second version in testing, which the source says is more likely to ship to end-users, is heavy on white space and very fitting for iOS 7′s design. It is not filled with blue interface elements like the new Facebook app. The new app has tabs for active/recent chats, contacts, and settings across the bottom…

The new Messenger app will also be able to access your Address Book to find users that can be contacted via the app. Its new icon is said to feature a blue chat bubble with a white border. Android users will also get similarly redesigned version of the app.

Facebook is also rumored to be testing new video filters for Instagram, but when or if those will be released is unclear.

Finally, Greg Novick, the lead engineer in charge of rebuilding Facebook's app and a former Apple employee responsible for the design of the original iPhone software, is said to be returning to Cupertino. The site hypothesizes that perhaps Novick will be working on the interface for Apple's rumored wearable devices.

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Facebook Said to be Preparing Major Updates to Its iOS Apps

paulMOGG - October 11, 2013 at 11:55pm
I think people still use Facebook ? Don't know why as it's so big and 'clunky' and takes up so much if your time to stay on top of it, that you have to have a job in a company you are constantly working on your computer so you can spend at least a minimum of a quarter of the day updating FB ... which is what most people do now
Hammaf Rasool - October 11, 2013 at 3:29pm
Older Facebook app were better.
Failbook - October 9, 2013 at 7:43pm
People still use facebook?? LOLS