Apple Has Now Sold Over 500 Million iPhones

Apple Has Now Sold Over 500 Million iPhones

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Apple has now sold over 500 million iPhones, taking less than 7 years to do so, reports Forbes.

Apple reached 400 million in iPhone sales around the end of July, 2013. Entering this quarter Apple had sold 472 million iPhones. Depending on how well sales are going this quarter, it is estimated that Apple would have sold its 500 millionth iPhone on around March 8th.

Analysts are mixed, with Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley looking for 42 million as Forbes’ contributor Chuck Jones noted and the consensus forecast around 38 million. The consensus would have placed the milestone sale around March 8 given that entering the quarter Apple had sold 472 million iPhones. So even if it proves a bit high as it did last quarter, we’ve crossed the point where it’s safe to assume that Apple has sold 500 million smartphones in less than 7 years. And the most recent 100 million took somewhere between 2-6 weeks less than the previous 100 million did.

Notably, Apple is expected to cross the 600 million mark by the end of the year with help from the much anticipated iPhone 6.

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Apple Has Now Sold Over 500 Million iPhones

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