Apple Submits Refined Plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 Construction

Apple Submits Refined Plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 Construction

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Apple has submitted refined plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 to the City of Cupertino.

The project applicant is requesting the approval of an Architectural and Site approval and a Tree Removal Permit to refine the phase 2 portion of Apple’s previously approved office, research and development campus. The project site is located east and west of N. Tantau bounded by Calabasas Creek to the north and west, City of Santa Clara limits to the east and I-280 to the south.

Apple plans to build a set of research and development buildings to the east and west of North Tantau Avenue. The buildings will house 2,200 employees and include 1,740 parking spots. The main building has four stories of office space with a cafeteria and the other two buildings will be two-story testing facilities. You can download the plans from here.

MacRumors notes some of the changes Apple is making to its original plan:

According to the revised documents, Apple's original plans for the area are largely intact, but some minor refinements have been made to address building size/height and the location of the parking facilities. The company originally planned for a parking basement, but has now shifted its plans to include both a smaller basement and a larger above ground parking structure, along with an underground server room. Apple also changed the size of the prospective cafeteria somewhat in order to accommodate more office space, and shifted the sizes of some of its planned research facilities.

An Administrative Hearing is tentatively scheduled on November 13, 2014, 5:00 p.m., at Cupertino City Hall to consider Apple's request.

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Apple Submits Refined Plans for Phase 2 of Apple Campus 2 Construction

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