Apple Reveals the Story Behind Its New Ad 'The Song' [Video]

Apple Reveals the Story Behind Its New Ad 'The Song' [Video]

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Apple has posted a video revealing the story behind its new ad, 'The Song'.

Whether it’s making a record in a booth for someone thousands of miles away, or a song in GarageBand for someone you love, it’s not just the tools that count, it’s the thought behind the gift.

The ad features a girl who comes across a record apparently recorded by her grandmother for her husband when they couldn't be together for the holidays. She then learns to sing and play the song on her guitar and keyboard. One morning when grandmother comes down to the table, she finds an iPad with headphones and the message, "A Duet. Press Play". The young girl has re-recorded the song singing and playing alongside the original, bringing her grandmother to tears.

Take a look at the original ad here. Watch the story behind it below...

Ren - December 17, 2014 at 9:38pm
That's exactly how worthy Apple products are compared to competition hyped up on confusion.