Apple Data Center in Ireland Gets Green Light [Report]

Apple Data Center in Ireland Gets Green Light [Report]

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The High Court has given Apple's planned $1 billion data center in Ireland a green light, reports Reuters.

Apple had announced plans to build the data center in west Ireland back in February of 2015 and the local council gave its permission six months later; however, a series of appeals blocked Apple from beginning work on the facility. Thousands marched in support of the project but but the appeals have significantly delayed the start of construction.

High Court Judge Paul McDermott cleared the way for the project to continue today by dismissing two separate appeals.

Apple made its frustrations clear to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar during a visit last month and warned the judicial delays and process could affect decisions about future investments in the country. The government says it is considering amending planning laws to include data centers as strategic infrastructure allow them to get through the planning process faster.

The data center will be one of the biggest capital investment projects in west Ireland, providing 300 constructions jobs and 150 on-site permanent jobs.

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Apple Data Center in Ireland Gets Green Light [Report]