Apple Partners With PlayNetwork to Launch Apple Music for Business

Apple Partners With PlayNetwork to Launch Apple Music for Business

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Apple is partnering with PlayNetwork to launch 'Apple Music for Business', a new service that makes it easy for businesses to stream music for customer listening.

Increase engagement with your brand with Apple Music for Business, brought to you by PlayNetwork. This revolutionary service combines world-class music curation, proprietary technology, and easy-to-use tools to let customers listen to, share, and enjoy the music your brand plays—no matter where they go.

● WORK WITH THE EXPERTS: The music editors at Apple Music are constantly crafting exciting new playlists in every genre, and for any mood or moment. PlayNetwork’s music supervisors hand-select tracks from these playlists to help you develop a solid music strategy and build a custom sound for your brand.
● ADAPT TO ANY AUDIENCE: Increase global brand loyalty with playlists tailored by country and region, adding local flavor and recognizable artists to any setting.
● STAY RELEVANT TO CUSTOMERS: Freshen up your sound and keep your brand current in the minds of customers with frequently updated playlists.
● AVOID LICENSING CHALLENGES: Play the music your customers love, licensed for business use by PlayNetwork’s team.
● BUILT FOR YOUR WORLD: Since every business is unique, the Apple Music for Business interface was created for adaptability. Its features can accommodate any setting where music is played.
● MARKETING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Partners receive dedicated support designed to get more customers to listen to and share your music—all while earning your brand additional revenue. It’s a total end-to-end customer engagement and retention experience.
● MAKE MARKETING EASY: All partners receive an Apple Music marketing toolkit containing creative assets, digital tools, and brand guidance to help you clearly communicate what music is playing and where to find it.

Apple Music for Business is currently available to enterprise brands and is expected to expand to more businesses in the future.

You can express your interest in signing up at the link below.

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Apple Partners With PlayNetwork to Launch Apple Music for Business