Apple CEO Tim Cook On Coronavirus, Stock Market, Supply Chain, Trump [Video]

Apple CEO Tim Cook On Coronavirus, Stock Market, Supply Chain, Trump [Video]

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Apple CEO Tim Cook talks with Fox Business about coronavirus, its supply chain, the stock market, and his relationship with President Trump.

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses coronavirus’ impact on Apple and the evolving educational demands of jobs in America.

When asked about whether Apple is now planning to move some of its production out of China, Cook said:

"Well, it is important to recognize that our products are built everywhere. They are truly global products. So you have several parts that are made in the United States that serve the world.
So not only for the iPhones sold in the United States, but those sold around the world. And so what will happen to the supply chain as we look back on this, I wouldn’t want to say at this point because the question for us always is what kind of resilience did the supply chain have. It’s not was there a problem, because there will always be unpredictable things that come up. But as you know from following us, we work through earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, tsunamis, sars. And so we’ve had a long list of things and the operational team is very great at working through these. So the question for us after we get on the other side will be was the resilience there or not and do we need to make some changes. My perspective sitting here is that if there are changes, you’re talking about adjusting some knobs, not some sort of wholesale fundamental change."

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