Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review Roundup [Video]

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review Roundup [Video]

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Early reviews of Apple's new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro are hitting the web. Here's a roundup of reviews.

The Magic Keyboard is available for pre-order on and but the ship times are currently 2-3 weeks for the 11-inch model and 3-4 weeks for the 12.9-inch model. The 11-inch Magic Keyboard costs $299 and the 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard costs $349.

Check out the reviews below!

The Verge:
Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro makes it easy to turn a tablet into a laptop. But it’s expensive, heavy, and more limited than you might expect. Still, if you want to convert an iPad into a laptop, it’s the best option available.

Super Saf:

My gripe is that I want just a little bit more from the Magic Keyboard. It’s not quite as physically flexible as I had hoped, and the nerd in me can’t help but wish I could plug accessories into the keyboard’s USB port.

I’d love more angles of use here and I’m hoping that they include more — that said! If you work seriously with the iPad and that work is based on typing, the Magic Keyboard is essentially mandatory. It’s the dream keyboard for all of us who found ourselves crossing the Rubicon into iPad as primary computer over the past couple of years. It’s not without its caveats, but it is a refreshingly straightforward and well executed accessory that makes even older iPads feel like better laptops than laptops.

I'm so loving the new iPad Pro and this Magic Keyboard has made it that much more amazing!

If you’ve been waiting for a touchscreen MacBook, this might be just the answer. For me, this is a highly inspiring accessory. Is it worth the money? Well, it’s true, it’s expensive, but it’s hard to see any other tablet keyboard coming close to the success of this experience.

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