New iPhone SE Review Roundup [Video]

New iPhone SE Review Roundup [Video]

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Reviews of Apple's second generation iPhone SE are out!

Apple's new low cost smartphone starts at just $399, offering users a great balance between price and functionality.

Take a look at our review roundup below!

The Verge
If I were buying the iPhone SE, I’d seriously consider spending the extra $50 to upgrade the storage to 128GB, just in case I’d want it three or five years down the road. That timespan is the reason the iPhone SE is a big deal. No other phone that costs less than $500 can claim to be this good, nor last that long. The iPhone SE is not just a good deal. It’s also a really good smartphone.

It is the best budget smartphone out there. That's really saying something, considering how strong its competition has gotten — there are handfuls of devices that cost the same with bigger screens and better batteries and plenty of cameras. It goes without saying that this very specific version of the iPhone won’t make sense for some people, and that includes me. For fans of small phones, though, or for anyone who wants a phone that’s as practical as it is powerful, the iPhone SE is as good as it gets.

When you look at the complete picture, the iPhone SE represents the most value for your dollar of any phone Apple sells. It has an attractive price, fantastic battery life, great rear camera, A13 processor, water resistance and support for wireless charging. The SE is not only a wonderful iPhone, but one of the best budget phones you can currently buy.

This iteration of the iPhone is one of those rare moments where the business gets served, the users get served and everyone comes out of it with a good deal.

When I reviewed the iPhone 11 in September, I said it was the best iPhone for most people. But we’re in a vastly changed economic situation. You may be saving pennies for food, your mortgage or rent. For $399, the iPhone SE is the new best iPhone for most people. It’s an incredible value for something you’ll use every day and will last you at least three years.

For an affordable iPhone, the new SE delivers the kind of power that will keep you content, without the need to upgrade in the immediate future. That's going to be incredibly appealing to all those iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7S, and iPhone 8 users who want to upgrade, but don't want a physically larger or pricier phone. Overall the new iPhone SE is, in every respect, on the money.

If you happen to need a new iPhone, and think spending $1,000 on one is ludicrous, well, the iPhone SE might be a tiny slab of good news for you right now.

Tom's Guide
I do wish Apple would offer an iPhone SE Plus for those that prefer a bigger display, say for $499, but if you prefer a smaller phone this handset will not disappoint. Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a is rumored to offer even better cameras and a larger display than the iPhone SE, but with a slower processor. Overall, the iPhone SE is the best phone for anyone on a budget.

The new SE is for iPhone users clinging to an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8 and were hoping that Apple would release an upgraded version of the smartphone featuring Touch ID, a small size and a design they're familiar with. The iPhone SE (2020) meets all of these demands.

Marques Brownlee