Apple Talks With Hyundai, Kia Paused [Report]

Apple Talks With Hyundai, Kia Paused [Report]

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Apple's talks with Hyundai and Kia over production of an electric vehicle were recently paused, according to Bloomberg sources. Those sources also note that Apple has been discussing similar plans with other auto manufacturers.

Back in January, Hyundai confirmed it was in talks with Apple. The confirmation is said to have upset Apple.

That announcement, and other reports of talks, have upset Apple, which keeps development projects secret for years and controls relationships with suppliers with ruthless efficiency.

It's unclear if or when talks between the two companies might resume. There are few manufacturers that have the capacity and capability to mass produce an electric vehicle and even fewer that would want to partner with Apple.

Sources say there is a dispute within the Hyundai group over which brand, Hyundai or Kia, would manufacture the vehicle for Apple. Kia appears to be the more likely choice as it has a plant in Georgia.

The Apple Car isn't expected to arrive for another five years, so there's still time for Apple to find a production partner.

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Apple Talks With Hyundai, Kia Paused [Report]