Spotify Opens Up Podcast Subscriptions to All U.S. Podcasters

Spotify Opens Up Podcast Subscriptions to All U.S. Podcasters

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Spotify has announced that starting today Podcast Subscriptions will be available to all U.S. podcasters.

Our model is built to maximize creator revenue and offer the widest possible reach so creators can grow their audiences and develop deep connections with listeners. Creators will now find that in Anchor, they’ll be able to mark episodes as subscriber-only and publish them to Spotify and other platforms.

The company is rolling out some changes based on learnings during the testing period:

● We will be expanding the number of pricing points to 20 options that can be chosen by the creator, offering increased flexibility.
● We now offer the ability for creators to download a list of contact addresses for their subscribers so they can further engage with their subscriber bases and offer even more benefits.

Spotify also says it won't take a revenue cut from Podcasts Subscriptions until 2023.

"Until 2023, this program will come at no cost to the creator—they’ll receive 100% of subscription revenue (excluding payment processing fees). Starting in 2023, we plan to implement a 5% fee on subscription revenue."

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