October 4, 2022
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 [Download]

Posted April 8, 2022 at 12:19am by iClarified · 3194 views
Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 143 for macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur.

Safari Technology Preview offers a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS and lets you and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Note: Tab Groups do not sync in this release.

Web Inspector
● Elements Tab
○ Added option in the Layout panel of the Details Sidebar for Flexbox overlays to show each item's CSS order and/or DOM index in the parent flex container (r290613)
● Service workers are no longer terminated while they are being inspected. (r291467)

CSS Container Queries
● Added support for nested container queries (r290257)
● Added basic support for container units (r291474)
● Changed to only apply inline-size containment when it is allowed (r291154)
● Ensured container style changes are propagated to descendants (r291500)
● Fixed getComputedStyle to update the style for invalid query containers (r290320)
● Fixed offsetWidth, offsetHeight, and similar to update layout for container queries (r290380)
● Implemented new container selection algorithm (r291098)

CSS Cascade Layers
● Added support for revert in @keyframes (r290457)
● Added support for revert-layer in @keyframes (r290729)
● Fixed revert on low-priority properties (r291260)
● Let revert-layer in the lowest layer roll back to user styles (r290864)

● Fixed computing the correct containing block override size for items that are subgridded in one dimension only (r290577)
● Converted grid direction to be relative to subgrid when accounting for extra margin (r290576)
● Handled reverse flow direction when converting iterator coords for a subgrid (r290572)
● Fixed subgrid items to always be stretched (r291464)
● Fixed positioning of position: absolute items within nested grids (r290674)

● Implemented text-decoration as a shorthand (r290756, r291244)
● Implemented logical properties for CSS overscroll-behavior (r290422)
● Fixed background-clip: text to work with display: flex (r291303)

● Added CalendarDateTime parsing (r290248)
● Fixed ShadowRealm unwinding (r290283)
● Fixed Temporal.PlainDate to validate input range (r290282)

● Fixed image alt text bi-directional reordering (r290734)
● Fixed alt text position in right-to-left context (r290726)
● Fixed table sizing when colgroup comes after tbody (r290512)
● Fixed scrollbars disappearing when very long or wide (r290545)
● Handled perpendicular containing blocks when computing available logical height (r290634)

Web Animations
● Added support for passing an optional timeline to Element.animate() (r290655)
● Changed setting the composite property on a keyframe effect to invalidate the target style (r290741)
● Fixed inherit values should trigger keyframe recomputation if any previous effect has changed that property (r290831)
● Fixed keyframe values set to inherit to recompute their values when the inherited value changes (r290823)
● Fixed animating fill and stroke to or from currentColor (r290898)
● Fixed ::placeholder to not be a valid pseudo-element for a keyframe effect target (r290662)
● Fixed animations on modal dialog elements and ::backdrop to run more than once (r291282)
● Fixed outline-width with transition to animate correctly (r290735)
● Fixed text-emphasis shorthand to be animatable (r290895)
● Fixed text-emphasis-color to support non-discrete animations (r290887)
● Made changes to font-size recompute keyframes (r290730)
● Added support for discrete animation to:
○ background-blend-mode (r291041)
○ clip-rule (r291042)
○ color-interpolation (r291008)
○ color-interpolation-filters (r291043)
○ counter-increment (r291090)
○ counter-reset (r291099)
○ dominant-baseline (r291068)
○ fill-rule (r291100)
○ font-family (r291040)
○ font-feature-settings (r291039)
○ font-kerning (r291037)
○ font-synthesis (r291103)
○ font-variant-alternates (r291104)
○ font-variant-caps (r291119)
○ font-variant-east-asian (r291109)
○ font-variant-ligatures (r291114)
○ font-variant-numeric (r291147)
○ font-variant-position (r291115)
○ grid-template-areas (r291122)
○ line-break (r290885)
○ marker-end (r291226)
○ marker-mid (r291227)
○ marker-start (r291228)
○ mask-clip (r291130)
○ mask-composite (r291159)
○ mask-mode (r291160)
○ mask-origin (r291148)
○ mask-repeat (r291161)
○ mask-type (r291158)
○ quotes (r291128)
○ scroll-behavior (r291129)
○ shape-rendering (r291171)
○ stroke-linecap (r291163)
○ stroke-linejoin (r291164)
○ text-anchor (r291166)
○ text-decoration-skip-ink (r290886)
○ text-emphasis-style (r290888)
○ text-rendering (r291157)
○ vector-effect (r291170)

● Fixed clamping animated values to the 0-1 range for:
○ fill-opacity (r290568)
○ flood-opacity (r290571)
○ stop-opacity (r290569)
○ stroke-opacity (r290570)

● Allowed history swipe in scroller with overscroll-behavior (r291497)
● Fixed incorrect painting when scrolling a page with fixed backgrounds (r290785)
● Fixed scroll animation when scroll snap scroller is navigated with the keyboard (r290548, r290625)
● Fixed element with position: sticky after sticking, starting to move incorrectly when scrolling (r290812)

● Added support for authenticatorSelection.residentKey (r291176)
● Added fallback to attestation=none if requested but unavailable for platform authenticator (r290539)
● Enabled using WebAuthn within cross-origin iframe elements (r291018)
● Improved virtual authenticator support ( r291423 , r291321)

● Fixed WebGL rendering incorrect results when using preserveDrawingBuffer (r291218)

● Enabled the inert attribute by default (r290587)

● Enabled the Permissions API by default (r291116, r290301)
● Fixed mousemove events double-firing in Safari (r290743)
● Fixed rendering when loading a USDZ as the main resource (r290562)
● Fixed CORS preflight failing due to cache-control header (r290507)
● Fixed PerformanceNavigationTiming Response Start being unavailable when using Service Worker Cache (r291441)
● Fixed buffered flag not working in Paint Timing (r290247)
● Fixed load event never firing after a form is submitted (r290841)
● Fixed WebSocket.send() to synchronously update bufferedAmount (r290995)
● Made input element UA shadow tree creation lazy (r290284)
● Made pointer-events checks for SVG take in account inert subtrees (r290306)
● Removed the 1ms minimum for setTimeout (r291476)

● AudioContext will continue playing when minimizing or moving the macOS Safari window to the background (r291267)
● Fixed scrambled output for some WebM videos with VP8 codec (r291216)
● Implemented remote-inbound-rtp packetsLost (r290865)

● Updated WebSpeech API support (r291124)

File System Access
● Changed to throw an exception if a file or directory cannot be accessed in file system (r291014)
● Disallowed empty name in FileSystemHandle (r290998)
● Disallowed names that are not permitted by the underlying file system (r291057)
● Fixed fetching website data that may get a wrong or missing record after migrating data to general storage directory (r290239, r290233)

Web Extensions
● Fixed cookie expiration dates so they are not off by 30 years

You can download Safari Technology Preview 143 from the link below...


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 [Download]
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