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Tile is Now Shipping [Video]

Tile is Now Shipping [Video]

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Title, a small device that attaches to your belongings to prevent them from getting lost, is now shipping. The device uses Bluetooth low energy to communicate with an app running on your smartphone to track your items.

The company announced that they shipped hundreds of orders last week via Twitter. About a year ago they raised $2.6 million with a SelfStarter campaign; however, pre-orders are just getting out now.

Tile is Now Shipping [Video]

How Tile Works:
If you mark a Tile outside of your range as missing, Tile sends out a signal that puts other Tile apps on the search for your missing item. This all happens in the background, and means that if someone else running the Tile app comes within range of your lost object, the Tile app will discretely and securely identify your item and send you a notification of its location. Not even the person whose Tile app picked up your lost item’s location will know that their phone just found your item. Your Tiles are always secure and are not viewable on anyone else’s Tile app unless you share your Tiles with designated friends and family. Once enough people are using Tile in your area, you are able to watch your personal Tiles move on the Tile app map from anywhere.

• Locate and manage multiple Tiles on the Tile app, the accompanying iOS application
• Easily view how far away you are from your lost Tile’s signal, within a 100-150 foot
• When your Tile is outside of its Bluetooth range, use the Tile app’s Last Place Seen
feature to discover where you left your item behind
• Share your Tiles with family, roommates, friends or coworkers to make it incredibly
easy for trusted acquaintances to help each other find lost items
• Tile is secure. Only you will be able to see where your Tiles are on your Tile app. The only way anyone else can ever see your Tiles on their personal account is if you explicitly share access. Additionally, Tile never shares your location with others.
• Login to your friend’s Tile app to find your lost Tile if you don’t have your iPhone or iPad
• ‘Ring’ your misplaced Tile from your Tile app to make finding items easier
• Find lost items at a distance thanks to Tile’s community network
• No need to ever charge a Tile or replace batteries. After a year, you will be
reminded when to order a new Tile
• Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy connection, Tile works completely wirelessly

You can pre-order a Tile from the link below for $19.95. Take a look at the video for more details...

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Tile is Now Shipping [Video]Tile is Now Shipping [Video]Tile is Now Shipping [Video]

Tile is Now Shipping [Video]Tile is Now Shipping [Video]

GaryHeartsfield - December 9, 2014 at 3:10pm
just received my new tiles ( 8 for gifts ) Really a bad idea. Half of the 8 did not work when e was pressed as instructed . Stupid tile that worked can not be found 6 ft away. If you can not see your lost item then it really will be lost by the tile. Will try to get money back. Guess I should have bought one to test before purchasing for gifts.
Jimqw - May 27, 2014 at 7:36am
This is stupid. The people did not think of this product carefully. the fact that every year you need to replace it because you can't switch the batteries is the main issue. Not only that, but it would be best if this was integrated into the phone. Which essentially just means it's a bugged phones in a way with a tracker lol. This company is going to fail if they don't correct themselves because from what I see this product sucks. Nobody i know is using this product and chances are once your phone is lost or product it won't be found due to the lack of no one having the product.
DaBlackapino - May 27, 2014 at 4:51am
I like this on Car's and Key's and Other various Products. I like the Fact that it works for up to a Year....and that you can Still use it after that...but...the fact that they recycle your old one...makes it interesting. Reduced price is Pretty awesome.
Vueapp - May 26, 2014 at 4:25pm
Half of the use is relying that the tile community is extensive. Won't happen at that price. Unless when it comes out , someone figures out how to cut and user replace the battery. I don't need it to be waterproof. The company is too greedy. Charge 30 bucks and have a watch battery. Or small solar cell or wireless charging or kinetic charging. But the idea is interesting. Say for example that all iPhones goes into Bluetooth mode when shut off. Then if a thief shuts it off, the phone can ping off another iPhone to show it's location. I already have a Hipkey. Same type of device using Bluetooth. Most of the time it's not really useful. And you will stop loading the app. But there are times it can be useful. Just not a lot. I will wait to see if it's hackable(exacto knife and watch battery). Then for 20usd it would be a nice toy. Maybe they will rely on 3rd party brand integration. Luggages and bags with built in tiles.
max - May 26, 2014 at 3:04pm
I bet there will be a few of these sewn into the collar of their hubby's jacket before too long.
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