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Misfit Launches New 'Misfit Beddit Sleep System'

Misfit Launches New 'Misfit Beddit Sleep System'

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Misfit has announced the launch of the 'Misfit Beddit Sleep System' to help track your sleep patterns.

Now you can get an accurate picture of your nightly sleep patterns without having to wear anything. Using the world’s thinnest sleep sensor, the Misft Beddit Sleep System seamlessly measures your sleep cycles and quality using heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound.

How It Works:
The paper-thin device rests underneath your sheets, directly on your mattress. It measures physiological signals automatically, wirelessly transmitting the data to a smartphone, where you can view insights on the Misfit app.

Beddit Measures:
● Total sleep time
● Sleep cycles; Deep and light sleep duration
● Awakenings
● Heart rate
● Ambient sound, snoring

The systemoffers stats and visualizations of your data for daily and weekly trends, giving you a fine grain resolution into your sleep. You can also sooth yourself to sleep with a variety of custom, gentle sleep sounds and use the smart alarm to wake up in your lightest stage of sleep.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor is now available from the link below for $149.99.

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Misfit Launches New 'Misfit Beddit Sleep System'

Xtoast - July 13, 2014 at 4:59am
Sleep cycle does this now for a buck
tommyy - July 13, 2014 at 11:34pm
but low accuracy special sensor gives better result.