Comex Announces Substitute a Replacement for Cydia Substrate, Saurik Responds

Comex Announces Substitute a Replacement for Cydia Substrate, Saurik Responds

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We haven't heard Comex's name in a while, but the creator of JailbreakMe is now working on a Cydia Substrate replacement called Substitute. Comex is working with iMods, the team working on a Cydia alternative that caused some controversy last year.

Comex released an alpha version of Substitute on his github page and noted his motivation behind the project. His goal is to make as much low-level software as open as possible and currently Cydia Substrate is closed source.

Jailbreaking is fundamentally about taking something closed and fixed and opening it up to hacking and modification: perhaps allowing a mess to be made, but quite possibly ending up with something unique and different. This ideal of openness is very similar to that of free software, and I therefore believe that it's in the spirit of jailbreaking to make as much low-level stuff open as possible, both for inspection and modification by curious users (who, after gaining knowledge that way, might end up becoming quite valuable to the community). Polished tweaks that are sold commercially are one thing (although they too benefit from general openness, especially the ones with a lot of reverse engineering behind them, since the same reverse engineering can often support multiple use cases), but the underlying framework is another - especially since it's free of charge, removing at least the most obvious motivation for closing source.

Saurik (Jay Freeman) replied to Comex's Cydia Substrate replacement in a lengthy blog post. Saurik first explained why Substrate has remained closed source.

Open source software merely existing does not lead to open platforms, as the priority of the vast majority of users align with short-term interests (for various reasons, some good and some bad) and so they will happily buy into and empower closed platforms in order to get a relatively small amount of functionality, comfort, or glitter (see iOS itself ;P)....I do this because we are fighting a battle against companies—not just companies like Apple, but companies like Rock Your Phone and iMods—who want to see "open" be traded away for "ease of use" or "profitability".

Additionally, Saurik notes that he is running out of energy to "fight" against people who are not on his side. His biggest focus for now is the DMCA exemption comment period; (keeping jailbreaking legal) however, he does not some new features are coming to Cydia in the near future.

This push is going to come with some style updates to Cydia's home page, so you will see those changes, and there are a couple payment related things that are "almost done" which will happen in the near future. I also have some changes I was working on to Substrate (a different way of loading and filtering that is finally ready, that will come with an easier-to-use SDK) that will probably be released. We will see if it makes sense for me to continue bothering

You can read Saurik's full blog post and reasoning here. Let us know what you think in the comments. Will a Cydia Substrate alternative help the community or do damage to it?

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Comex Announces Substitute a Replacement for Cydia Substrate, Saurik Responds

UnDeaDAmP - February 3, 2015 at 12:20am
Long Live Cydia. Down with iMods. :)
applecomex - February 1, 2015 at 7:57am
I hope Saurik/Cydia won't get cooked up by what that comex/apple are plotting to have him do.... Saurik/Cydia have done alot after all this years till now then some co apple employee comex comes to contradict his visions.... Well f*ck you comex!!!
Douglas77 - February 1, 2015 at 7:00am
Grow a pair Saurik!
steve no body - February 1, 2015 at 12:09am
no one gets into jailbreaking for the money without being disappointed in the long run, both these people have a right to do what they want with their enormous talents. Would like to thank both for the efforts they have made to Apple and to portable devices for making both unique, with out a doubt both are fare modern day Steve and i mean the one that knows what code is and knows how important it is to Root devices which should be root-able when purchased, it is like buying a tennis racket that only works with apples
Alien - January 31, 2015 at 4:21pm
Comex develop a jailbreak, then go to work with Apple then no JAILBREAK for a long time... Then stop working with apple, then Jailbreaks again... Now he want to develop a Cydia Substrate Sustitute? I'm with Saurik on this... I dont trust iMods and i dont trust Comex. I think Saurik have an strong commitment with the comunity and he is loyal to his develoment...
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