New Apple Watch Details Leak

New Apple Watch Details Leak

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A collection of new Apple Watch details have leaked ahead of Apple's 'Spring Forward' special event on March 9th.

Sources tell 9to5Mac that Apple has managed to improve the battery life of its smartwatch to handle about 5 hours of fairly heavy app usage. The phone shouldn't run out of battery during a typical day of use; however, it will need to be charged overnight as it won't make it through a second day.

As previously reported, Apple plans to include a new 'Power Reserve Mode', that will cut most features of the watch except displaying the time. It can be turned on via the Battery Glance or the Settings application. The Battery Glance shows the percentage of battery life remain, the amount of time since the last charge, and a button to activate 'Power Reserve Mode'.

The mode noticeably dims the display, slows down communication with the iPhone to an on-demand level, and puts the display to sleep after roughly two seconds of inactivity. One unit tested allowed access to all Apple Watch functions while in Power Reserve mode, while another unit was limited to the Clock face.

Rather than displaying an alert when the battery is low (20%), the Apple Watch Battery Life glance turns an orange/amber color. At 10% it turns red.

New Apple Watch Details Leak

Sources tell the site that the following Glances are installed on the Apple Watch by default: Heart Rate, Battery Life, Fitness Stats, Activity, Clock, Weather, Music, Quick Settings, Calendar and Maps.

The watch also has a notification center than can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the display. The list of notifications shows each app name as well as truncated descriptions of the notification.

Prototype Apple Watches are said to have 8GB of storage which can store music for playback. Internal units have lightning connectors that won't be on the shipping models. Users can specify what music will be synced to the Apple Watch via a panel in the companion app for the iPhone. The Companion app features a dark black interface with a glyph of the Apple Watch as the app icon. It will let users manage settings, music, re-arrange the icons on the watch's home screen, and remove WatchKit applications from the watch without deleting the corresponding app on the iPhone.

Interestingly, if the iPhone is not connected to the Watch, the application icon will remain on the device’s Home screen, and the applications will still work for a period of time with cached data.

New Apple Watch Details Leak

Sources told the site that the Force Touch feature works well, indicating that “the screen feels like a giant button than you just want to press in the manner needed for Force Touch.” Another said that it "feel natural".

There is no keyboard on the Apple Watch and all input is handled via voice or pre-populated options. Unfortunately, you can't reply to emails by voice yet, you'll need to use the Mail app on the iPhone.

The Apple Watch is said to feel snappy overall; however, it reportedly gets sluggish when over 200 apps are installed. That shouldn't be a concern for most people. The screen quality is said to be exceptional with one designer saying the “screen is the best [smartwatch] screen I have ever seen,” noting that “it’s like vibrant digital paper, and does not look rendered,” with especially “great” black levels.

The watch is turned off by long pressing the large “communication button” on its right side. A power slider is then shown on the display and a swipe shuts down the device. Apps can be forced quit by accessing the shut down screen and then quickly pressing the button on the right side. A Settings app has various toggles that include Bluetooth and Airplane mode just like iOS. Apparently, there is not a dedicated Wi-Fi settings menu, so that will likely be controlled by the iPhone.

Apple is expected to reveal more details about the Apple Watch at its Spring Forward event on March 9th. Please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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New Apple Watch Details Leak

NoFanBoy - April 5, 2015 at 3:24am
Uh.... No. Maybe with more functionality in the future I would consider it but right now this is just gimmicky like samsungs version.
Ren - April 5, 2015 at 3:39am
Gimmicky my ass! I wouldn't give my hopes up. Heck even for ios updates on it.
No Thanks! - March 7, 2015 at 9:09pm
Things Apple cult worshipers will NOT want you know about: the 6 things that will drive you round the bend when you buy Apple Watch: 1. You have to wake it up to check the time --wearing something on your wrist that does not display the time permanently could feel counter-intuitive – or even downright pointless. 2. The battery will need to be charged daily--- Having your watch run out mid-way through a night on the tiles could prove very annoying if you end up missing the last bus home. 3. You need to keep your iPhone in close proximity-- in order to receive notifications and download music on to the watch, and listen to it while doing exercises. 4. It taps you on the wrist to remind you to move --everyone will suddenly get up and start walking around. If you're working hard and on a deadline, this feature is liable to drive you up the wall, and even if you disable it, 5. It has a square face --which goes against the grain, and seeing other people walk around with beautiful round watches could induce envy from Apple watch owners. 6. It will be obsolete in a couple of years (educated guess) --unlike traditional luxury watches, which retain their value and functionality over decades and are passed down through generations, the Apple Watch's battery will wear out over time, and cannot be replaced ie DEAD!! Therefore think twice!
On the other hand - March 7, 2015 at 10:24pm
Why would these so-called cult worshippers not mention anything? People reviewing gives details about what Apple would have pointed out but don't want to sound like they are limiting users choices of doing things to products like revealing MacBooks with newer screws for example, but it's also testing the product but in a way, it's for some people to figure it out, but for me, these are some solutions to help the Apple watch: 1. Waking it up to check the time is less hassle compared to pulling out the phone and turn it on to check the time, and when doing that while sitting down takes even more time, but whenever I go anywhere, I check the time there and that saves me slightly less time so I can know right away unless I were to travel anywhere without electricity, never less, just set the watch to not go off on its own anywhay. iPhones can do that, so why not the watch thereby this claim isn't really going to prove anything. 2. So what if I do need to charge the battery. Motion powered chargers are becoming more portable and this can help solve the battery problem when the watch is about to die. Take ampy for example. I preordered it and can't tell you have much satisfied it made me. Not only does it not require electricity, but it saved my electric bill and survives any weather condition and I mean any condition, but it's portable and works as good as wall outlets, but for the watch, I bet and hope that I can charge the watch while reading my heart rate and still receive notifications (due to the fact I need it to read my skin to work like that) and I am sure people will see this idea I am trying to point here- make it charge while it reads my heart rate for any kind of charger. 3. Sure the iphone needs the watch to do most things due to fitting progress on different screens, but what if I took all of my stored stuff and save it to the watch? Not to mention I can use it to control my phone a little easier without waking it up and do some things on it like iphone so it's good whether I need it or not either way. 4. Well why wouldn't we move? It's meant as an alarm like waking up in the morning easier for example. This may change that old school version of being alerted like loud beeping sounds, but it's also to remind you better than having everything turned off on your phone where everything you don't see it easily hidden. 5. What's the big deal here? Saying we go around and seeing round watches is like saying iPhone users will envy that many others have bendable phones. What deal does it make with round watches? Better yet, how is this supposed to prove anything that people don't want us to know if it's already mentioned months back? Just what? 6. Apple watch hasn't even been tested yet, but it's probable made with sapphire, but something made this small, how can it be obselete? It's protected by supporting your wrist but how can you even tell how it's going to be so easily broken? Now with all this cleared away, people making different decisions won't suffer anything bad to get out of Apple watch!
apfelStreudel - March 7, 2015 at 6:08pm
"The phone shouldn't run out of battery during a typical day of use; " Um, ""
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