Apple Updates iMovie With Haptic Feedback

Apple Updates iMovie With Haptic Feedback

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Apple has updated iMovie with haptic feedback for MacBooks that feature the company's new Force Touch trackpad.

When dragging a video clip to its maximum length, you’ll get feedback letting you know you’ve hit the end of the clip. Add a title and you’ll get feedback as the title snaps into position at the beginning or end of a clip. Subtle feedback is also provided with the alignment guides that appear in the Viewer when cropping clips.

The company also added Force Click features to iMovie.

When your iMovie project has an animated Map or Globe, you can Force click the map in the Timeline to access a Style menu. This lets you choose from four different styles.

Alex4D went in to the London Apple to store see how it felt on the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

"I tried two out of the three features mentioned in the support document. I couldn't feel any 'snapping' as I moved a title to the start or finish of a clip. When I dragged the clip to its maximum length I did feel a little bump. Without looking at the timeline and looking at the viewer, I could 'feel' the end of the clip.This feature presages the ability for UI pixels to be 'bumpy' - for user to feel the texture of application UIs without having to look at where the cursor is. This means that seemingly textured software keyboards and control layouts will be able to be implemented on future trackpads, iPhones and iPads."

The video below demonstrates some of the points at which haptic feedback is delivered. If you've tried Apple's new Force Touch trackpad yourself, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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