Steve Wozniak On Encryption Battle: 'I Side With Apple' [Video]

Steve Wozniak On Encryption Battle: 'I Side With Apple' [Video]

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Appearing on Conan last night, Steve Wozniak offered Apple his support in their battle with the FBI over encryption.

"I side with Apple on this one. First of all, I've always been close to human rights, I'm one of the founders of the EFF. Aside from that, once countries can come in and tell manufacturers you have to make your products insecure..."

"They picked a lame case, they picked the lamest case you ever could, the two phones owned by the people who aren't even convicted terrorists didn't have one link to a terrorist organization. Verizon turned over all the phone records, all the SMS messages, so they want to take this other phone that the two didn't destroy that was work phone. It's so lame and worthless to expect something is on it and get Apple to expose it."

"Boy, couple times in my life I wrote something that could be a virus that could have spread itself on Macintosh computers forever and each time I threw away every bit of code I had written. I was so scared inside. You do not want to let something like that out."

Take a look at the video below...

clown - March 12, 2016 at 1:05am
Well what happend to kill switch, cant they use that disable the pass code? If they program it?