New MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Review Roundup [Video]

New MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Review Roundup [Video]

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The embargo on reviews of Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has been lifted.

Here's a roundup of opinions on Apple's latest notebook.

The Verge:
Everywhere I look, it feels like this incarnation of the MacBook Pro is shooting for a future it can’t quite reach. One where it can be impressively thin and powerful enough for the pros. Where it can be super light and have all-day battery life. Where its ports and keyboard morph and adapt perfectly to the needs of every user.

I have little doubt that in a couple years, the technology Apple has been waiting for will arrive and this vision, or something closer to it, will be complete. Apple just released this machine too soon, or was too aggressive in the decisions it made. That future is almost certainly out there. But it’s not in this machine. Not yet.

Walt Mossberg:
The new 13-inch MacBooks — even the base model without the Touch Bar — are costly. And they may make pros unhappy. But, for everyday Mac lovers — users of the Air or maybe the older low-end Pro — they are now your only thin, modern, option with a full-fledged processor. The Touch Bar has potential, but it’s not magic. The battery isn’t likely to deliver on Apple’s claims. You can’t count on liking the keyboard. But, if you’re a Mac devotee ready to move past the Air — not back to a lower-powered MacBook — this is what Apple is offering. Take it or leave it.

Ultimately a lot to like about the new MacBook Pro. But it's designed for someone who I'm not sure exists outside Apple's fantasies of how professionals use computers. The MacBook Pro I want to see is built around real people's work habits. I still recommend it, and I imagine many of you who have been waiting patiently will indeed buy this. But I'd enjoy it more if it were designed for people like us.

Compared with my rotting MacBook Air and the old MacBook Pro, the new Pros look like they’ve been on a serious juice cleanse. Thinner edges and cleaner lines can almost—almost—make you see why Apple thinks specialized ports are the devil’s work. Anyone stepping up from a MacBook Air will, surprisingly, not notice a weight difference. The 13- and 15-inch Pros are about a half-pound lighter than their predecessors.

For those who have been holding out on buying a new MacBook, the time is right, with an upgrade that should be sufficiently future-proof to take on the next few years — or however long it takes for the next major upgrade. Hopefully you’ve been saving up in the meantime.

In the end, your decision may come down to something much more practical -- ports. Are you ready to move into the USB-C only future, where connecting a USB key, HDMI output, Ethernet cable, or nearly any other accessory will require a special cable or dongle?

In the end, real story with the MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. It’s somewhat useful, but it’s still so undersupported for apps beyond Apple’s that, at least for right now, the Touch Bar is not reason enough to get a new MacBook Pro. Particularly if you’re already satisfied with the performance of your existing machine. If you need a new MacBook Pro and you can’t wait for the Kaby Lake refreshes already rumored, the benefits of the internal specs matched with the cool-factor of the Touch Bar make this a good Mac. For everyone else this is a gimmick on a very good, way too expensive laptop.

Apple will never win awards for affordability. This 256GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, Core i5 system starts at $1,799 — $300 more than the entry-level, traditional function-key sporting MacBook Pro. There are cheaper Windows 10 systems out there that offer better specs and full touchscreens. A 13-inch Core i7 HP Spectre x360, for instance, lists for $1,149.99 (the Mac offers slightly better graphics, an Intel HD Graphics 550 as opposed to the 520). If, however, you are a Mac fan, this is an excellent upgrade with a fascinating and highly extensible new Touch Bar.

Steve Nojobs & Tim Crook - November 15, 2016 at 7:51pm
Yayyayya for the Macbook unpro, give us all your money and we'll give you less product, and less ports! How arrogant of Apple to do this...
Tao Pai Pai - November 14, 2016 at 7:40pm
The way I see it is that this garbage like MUKAI says is just a mutilated MacBook with nothing special to offer except a stupid touch bar that won't be compatible with most apps.
Ke.x - November 15, 2016 at 10:08am
Have you researched this one too?
A non e moose - November 14, 2016 at 4:08pm
No Asus pls. Asus is terribad in terms of quality and customer support.
Kk - November 14, 2016 at 5:55pm
I agree! They seem to forgot how to categorize their apple computers. Such as the macbook, it should have been named the new macbook air since it's so thin! Now this(macbook pro 2016) should be the new macbook! Not the macbook pro! The macbook pro should pack heavy features and hardwares. Not this bullshi* gaybar! So pissed off of what they are headig towards. It's like apple is committing suicide! Taking off useful features and replaces it with new features we don't need!
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