Apple VP Lisa Jackson to Receive Environmental Achievement Award

Apple VP Lisa Jackson to Receive Environmental Achievement Award

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The Environmental Law Institute has announced that the winner of its 2018 Environmental Achievement Award is Lisa Jackson, Apple's VP of Environmental, Policy, and Social Initiatives. The award will be presented to Jackson on Tuesday, October 23, in Washington, D.C.

"Lisa has exemplified leadership, innovation, and commitment to sound science and rule of law at each step of her remarkable career," says ELI's President Scott Fulton. "She has been a tireless champion for both sustainability and environmental justice, and has left an enduring mark on both the private sector and the public sector. Her work in greening Apple’s supply chain and in reducing the company’s carbon and natural resource footprint has been exceptional, reflecting the power and reach of business leadership in advancing environmental performance and stewardship."

At Apple, Lisa oversees the company’s efforts to minimize its impact on the environment and climate through use of renewable energy, energy-efficiency measures, deployment of greener materials, and invention of new ways to conserve and repurpose precious resources. Speaking about Apple’s recent pledge to use 100% recycled materials in a closed supply loop for future fabrication of its devices, Jackson recently said, “I think there’s a business opportunity for people who are willing to rethink recycling. There’s incentive to you to get those resources back and work on re-using them.” And concerning Apple’s voluntary, but absolute, commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, Jackson said, "if we can do it, you should expect the same from every company."

“Lisa’s journey to where she stands now is truly remarkable,” Ben Wilson, Chair of ELI’s Board observed. “From humble beginnings, she rose to the highest levels of government and now stands out as a leader in the private sector, burnishing Apple’s brand with cutting-edge approaches to sustainable resourcing for products and packaging. She is a true standard bearer for private-sector innovation and commitment to environmental integrity.”

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Apple VP Lisa Jackson to Receive Environmental Achievement Award