December 4, 2022
Apple May Launch Two New AirPods Models in Late 2019 or Early 2020 [Report]

Apple May Launch Two New AirPods Models in Late 2019 or Early 2020 [Report]

Posted April 24, 2019 at 4:03pm · 2 comments · Add Comment
ichild - April 26, 2019 at 11:28am
You know failure when you see it. They forgot to add it in the current new ones so instead of pulling and staring over just leave them there and call these a new version... No these are not new it's a mistake that's being corrected while still getting paid for your screwed rushing to come out with the right product. People needs to really get there act together.
NoGoodNick - April 25, 2019 at 3:11pm
This is precisely what I expected. While the recently released models had a few new features, hopefully pushing the few die-hard holdouts to adopt them, there really wasn't much to justify a $150 upgrade. They also put off the other new features they'd been promising, such as black AirPods. So, of course, once more people started dumping the various 'alternatives', which never worked that well (I know, as I tried several of them), they're now planning to release the 'true' upgrade model, of course with a higher price. I can't say I blame them, as I didn't jump on this bandwagon earlier, but I'm looking forward to upgrading my AirPods for more than a measly 10-% increase in battery life. I'm actually looking forward to what these newer, high-priced AirPods offer. Like most Apple users, I don't mind paying extra for better features, but $150 is pretty pricey for just 'slightly' better.
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