Google Announces Top Searches of 2020 [Video]

Google Announces Top Searches of 2020 [Video]

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Google has announced the top search queries of 2020. This year the iPhone didn't make the top ten. Last year, the iPhone 11 came in fifth.

The top ten global searches of 2020 were as follows:
1. Coronavirus
2. Election results
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Zoom
5. IPL
6. India vs New Zealand
7. Coronavirus update
8. Coronavirus symptoms
9. Joe Biden
10. Google Classroom

Google did not share the most popular searches in Consumer Technology. However, it did provide Top 10 lists for News, Actors, Athletes, Concerts, Games, Loss, Lyrics, Movies, People, Recipes, and TV Shows.

You can check out the Year in Search video below and hit the link to check out the various lists.

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