Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 129 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 129 [Download]

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Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 129 to developers for testing.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS with Safari Technology Preview and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

What's New in This Version:
Note: On macOS Big Sur, this release requires enabling GPU Process: Media option from Experimental Features under the Develop menu to address issues with streaming services.

Web Inspector
● Added contextual documentation for CSS properties (r279510)
● Changed the sidebar panel and navigation bar to layout asynchronously during resize (r279790)
● Elements Tab
○ Fixed Details sidebar navigation items wrapping to a second line (r279613)
○ Added support for function value completions in the Styles sidebar (r279422)
○ Autocomplete var() and attr() values in the Styles sidebar (r279502)
● Sources Tab
○ Fixed the Scope Chain sidebar panel to not strip repeating whitespace from strings (r279294)

● Changed to not clamp flex base size with min-height, max-height, min-width, and max-width (r279271)
● Changed :link and :visited pseudo-class selectors to not match elements (r279818)
● Changed to match the CSS specification which prohibits numbers with a trailing decimal point (e.g. "1.px") (r279429)
● Fixed the CSS parser "consume declaration" algorithm to handle whitespace correctly (r279358)
● Fixed CSS style sheets loaded by HTMLLinkElement to fall back correctly when the charset is an invalid encoding name (r279383)
● Improved computation of intrinsic sizes of flex items with aspect ratio (r279286)
● Included container's writing mode to get grid item's margin (r279278)
● Unprefixed :autofill pseudo-class (r279457)

● Changed scroll-snap-align to use the box's writing-mode when the box is larger than the snap-port (r279714)
● Fixed CSS scroll snap to allow scrolling to the middle of snap areas that overflow the snap-port (r279364)
● Fixed layouts during scroll causing jittery scrolling when dragging the scrollbar (r279564)

● Added support for rendering resources (r279451)
● Fixed the scrollbar being hidden when the scroller has a negative z-index child (r279748)

● Added support for (ref null? $t) type constructor (r279265)

● Fixed ReadableStream.getReader to throw a proper exception when the parameter is of the wrong type (r279472)
● Fixed 'data:application/javascript' URLs for Worker (r279602)
● Fixed WebGL toDataURL image being upside down if premultipliedAlpha=false (r279424)

Platform Features
● Fixed extraneous spaces when copying or translating Chinese and Japanese in Live Text (r279609)
● Fixed misaligned Live Text selection on some images (r279751)

● Fixed transaction to be inactive during structured clone (r279686)
● Fixed IDBIndex.keyPath to keep returning the same object (r279669, r279683)

● Fixed WebM loads hanging if the server sends only small amount of data (r279375)
● Fixed SourceBuffer.abort() to go back to state WAITING_FOR_SEGMENT properly (r279542)

● Fixed WebGL content to be able to use the discrete GPU (r279303)

● Added support for Elliptic Curve P-521 (r279688)
● Fixed deriveBits() failing if the length is not a multiple of 8 for ECDH algorithm (r279723)
● Fixed SubtleCrypto to only be exposed to secure contexts (r279642)

You can download Safari Technology Preview 129 from the link below...


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 129 [Download]